Sue’s Rendezvous Popular NY Strip Club Closes After 45 Years. Hosted Jay Z Nicki Minaj | JTNEWS
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Sue’s Rendezvous Popular NY Strip Club Closes After 45 Years. Hosted Jay Z Nicki Minaj | JTNEWS

georgia with JT news will popular strip club in New York very infamous in many rap songs okay they had a lot of legal troubles it’s called Sue’s rendezvous what’s up in Mount Vernon New York jay-z Funk Flex DJ Kay slay gunplay Rick Ross tons of rappers been in rap songs okay Nicki Minaj jay-z so many people wrapped about this biggie gizzo I think who would someone someone notorious oh yeah floyd mayweather’s been there mike tyson it’s being shut down okay they’re closing their doors it says dear customers after 45 years of providing top entertainment Suze has closed we thank you for your loyal support now a lawsuit was filed by former employee Selma burden is still in progress Burton claims the establishment illegally retain tips and improperly withheld wages shooting outside the club also cast a black cloud they say like you know just had a lot of bad omens going on and it’s just you know a lot of stuff was going on and I can understand like the owners probably facing a lot of lawsuits and it just wasn’t up now the owner I ji probably sing his number name wrong J tano geez 07 he says he’s unclear whether he’ll reopen the popular establishment it was named a lot of tracks even Big E wrapped about it I’ve been fortunate a lot of celebrities come to the club when the Giants won the Super Bowl they came here Mike Tyson ploy Mayweather he said he can name hunters a lot of people they go there that was the place to go it’s unfortunate that it’s closing his doors maybe somebody will buy it maybe somebody to buy it and like rename it a little bit maybe souza rendezvous the news who’s Rev rendezvous or something like that but you know it was definitely a major strip club in New York so they’re closing the doors hopefully they’re they’re able to reopen but anyways just for the news makes you come out hit the subscribe button I got more news articles as always on the way thanks


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