Subiendo datos a la nube con ESP8266
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Subiendo datos a la nube con ESP8266

Hi, all Today im going to present the third part of a sequence videos related with ESP8266 and Nano Arduino, connected with I2C protocol using a http post i’m going to send arduino nano temp value to server In this project i’m going to use PHP, MYSQL, HTML5 In next videos i’m going to show how to configure the server with PHP. But now the idea is centrate whit arduino code and how ESP8266 send the data to server In other videos I showed up how temp sensor works, you can review all off them to understand better this video I’m using Dalla DS1820 temp sensor In this ocasion im using two This is the Arduino and ESP8266 conexión where you can see I2C connection and temp sensor connection with pull up resistor The code is very simple, the slave code is the same no change needed. im just going to show you the master code “ESP8266” Here I configure the IP server in this case my own pc running with xammp This code start and configure as a client through my wifi network The most interesting part is “Post” code I made a routine that is called in a time to send to server the temp value requesting from Arduino nano In this case the cloud is made myself with PHP a MYSQL In PHP code I create a statement about the data received in this case temp value If temp value is up 28 degre them PHP code will send to ESP8266 and order to turn the fan on Here you case de php code This is to make the PHP database connection Here the PHP interface with ESP8266 logic where it read the data send it to ESP8266 The statement if determine if fan is on or off depending on temp value is this case more than 28 degree In arduino IDE we can check how the data sent from server is readed and filtered with substring to know if Fan should be switched to on or off Now I going to show you how this really work on live view Iconected the tos boards via serial to show you when temp is sent to ESP8266 by I2C and how is send it to server The code send a post each 5 min in this case to test I restart the board to force the post without to wait 5 min. Here arduino nano serial connection If I restarted the esp8266 board you will see the request on left window Im going to increse the temp in order to make the fan on. You can see the fan on This is all for now, on next video I will show a little more the client web page and how to interact with ESP8266 Thank for watching my videos.


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