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Subdomains and Root Domains – Create OU Portfolio

Today I want to talk about root domains
subdomains, and the Cpanel. So if you’ve registered a
website before the domain you registered—that is your
root domain. So in this example: “” is a root domain. Now, I have installed
on a root domain: WordPress. So, now I have WordPress
available on my website. However, I want to install some more web
applications. In order to do that, you need to set up: subdomains. So what’s a subdomain? Here’s an example the subdomain: “,” “” That’s how it works. Now once you set up
a subdomain though, you can install more web applications.
So in this case, I can install a cloud storage web
application to that subdomain, separate from my root domain WordPress. I can do it again
with a Wiki if I wanted to, as well. Now if you sign into your Cpanel, there’s a few things I want you to
notice. If you have a web server you have a limited amount a disc space available, just like on a regular
computer, you have a limited amount of hard drive
space available. However, you can make as many subdomains as you want. So to access your subdomains, navigate to the “Domains” section and find
the subdomains, here. Once you’re there, you can specify a
subdomain that you want to create. So I’m going to create “,” and under the “Document Root,” I’m
just going to leave that as it is. Select “Create.” And now I have a
confirmation that my subdomain was created Going to go back, and you’ll see down here
it is now listed as a subdomain that I have registered. Going to do another one: “wiki.” “Create.” So now that I have multiple
subdomains, in addition to my root domain, I can look
at some of the web applications that I can install. Some I’m going to “View More” here, to see all of them. Now there are a lot
of web applications that are available to you. From “Wikis” and “Web Calendars,” to “Forums”
and “Blogs Sites,” “E-commerce and Business” items. But I am looking for “Photos and Files”
because I want to set up my own cloud storage system. So I’m going to
install this application and since I’ve created a subdomain under this “Domain” selection these subdomains are available to me, in addition to my root domain. So I’m going
to select this as my install location. I’m going to leave my a “Directory” blank and you’ll see down here, this type out is a reflection of what I
have in these two fields. The other thing I’m going to do before I
install is change my “Username” and “Password.” And once I’ve done that I will select “Install,” and now I’m
installing my second web application to my web server. If you have a web server, I invite you to
try out many of the different web applications. Lots of them are very powerful and allow
you to do many creative things.

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