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My name is Arif Wicaksana. My website is I have been using Dewaweb services since last year (2015). So far I feel very satisfied with Dewaweb services I can feel the differences between my previous hosting provider (and Dewaweb). In terms of pricing, if compared with other hosting providers, we pay the same prices but Dewaweb gives us more. The service of Dewaweb Ninja Support is impactful. Whenever I need support, they always give me a fast response. I never had this experience in my previous web hosting provider. That’s what makes me very satisfied with Dewaweb. Because I am still a newbie when it comes to web hosting, my favourite feature is cPanel control panel. Yes quite often, so when I know they need a hosting provider, I always say to them “You can try Dewaweb!” So far, you need to make more promotion codes for discount. if necessary you can make it not only for new hosting order. You can also give discount if we want to buy a domain I found Dewaweb when I searched it on google. There were some good web hosting providers in Indonesia, then I found a discussion forum which has a thread which compares some web hosting provider and that’s when I found Dewaweb.

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