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Streaming Video at Alexander Street Press

Streaming video is a powerful teaching tool. It allows students to learn and teachers to
teach in ways not possible with text alone. “I think that streaming video has really opened
up a whole new way of teaching.” With today’s students, streaming video is
the key to keeping them engaged. Besides presentations such as Powerpoint lectures,
15 minutes of streaming video can help students learn, supporting what the teacher is demonstrating. “We have teaching sessions that are 50 minutes
long, so really time is an issue.” “There is nothing to compare with the students’
own interpretation of, for instance, that writer’s performance, that writer’s persona,
so that you understand the very voice of that writer.” “Moving to the stream means that eventually
the world of research has finally caught up to the 21st century.” With streaming video, unlimited numbers of
patrons can watch any title anywhere, at any time.
“The stream is a way to make it ubiquitous for our students, our users, our teachers
— everybody to have access when they think of something.”
And Alexander Street Press collections are available for mere dollars per title.
Over the years, we have become known for making silent voices heard finding compelling, unique
content for use in the classroom. “The performances, the documentaries that
are listed in the Alexander Street Press catalog are undoubtedly what I am always looking for
and it’s very hard to find some of these programs elsewhere.” With over 23,000 videos today, there’s something
for everyone. And 3,000 of our titles cannot be found anywhere else.
At Alexander Street Press, we’ve worked with faculty and read countless syllabi. We understand
the curricula across campus and match our collections to meet them.
“Professors need to trust the curator of the collection to do the vetting of the material.”
Our largest collection, Academic Video Online, provides valuable video titles for every single
faculty member on your campus in one central place.
Academic Video Online is growing by more than 7,000 titles annually, so there’s always something
new to discover and share with your class. “If we can tie into more of what’s seen and
what’s heard, not just what a person has written on the box or the film can.”
The hallmark of every Alexander Street Press collection is its Semantic Indexing.
Our team of librarians, indexers and subject-matter experts comb through the material, indexing
for over 160 fields of information. Before they even choose a single video, students
learn about their subjects while they are searching. You can ask your students to do much more
than just superficial searches. Alexander Street provides many other video
features that make it easy to teach, learn, and share, including interactive transcripts
to follow along. “For school, I really do love using Alexander
Street Press.” “For a group presentation, if I was trying
to do something like this, it would take me an hour just to explain how to use a cutting
tool in Finalcut or Adobe. Whereas I can literally just point to a pair of scissors and say press
this button.” All of our titles can be custom clipped and
combined to create presentations and playlists for use in many settings.
“It’s very easy to use. I could probably show my mom or dad how to do that.”
Playlists, clips, citations, and more can also be exported for use in other platforms.
All our content can be embedded into syllabi, presentations, or LibGuides, either directly
or via links and annotations. Share content with classmates, your institution or the whole
world. Our entire interface is also available in
65 languages, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to use.
Streaming video is a valuable resource for research, teaching, and learning. At Alexander
Street Press, we take valuable content and pair it with powerful tools and resources
to give it a voice. Come see for yourself.


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