Stranger Things 3 Best Friends Challenge | Millie, Finn & Noah | Netflix
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Stranger Things 3 Best Friends Challenge | Millie, Finn & Noah | Netflix

– Hi, I’m Finn Wolfhard. – Hi, I’m Noah Schnapp. – And I’m Millie Bobby Brown. – And we’re best friends. – We’re going to be doing the BFF test. We are family, in this game. This is the family test, let’s go. C’mon. – Here we go. – I don’t, I actually
can’t draw it though. – Okay I’m gonna draw it better. – By the way guys, I’ve seen this on his phone before. So–
– Ready? – Hold on, hold on, hold on! – You saw… You’re a cheater! Turn it around, it’s not the poop emoji. You saw him. – Go away! – Okay me first! – No! Because you’ve sent this to me before. – Heart eyes? – The poop emoji. – It’s either the laughing one or the smiley face. – It’s the smiley face. – [Noah] I know Finn so well. – I’ve seen the poop emoji on your– – Yeah but it’s like
how many times can I use the poop emoji? – You know what, I’m disappointed in you Finn.
– Okay. – Hey, hey. – I’m looking up. Why would I look at your answer? – She knows I’m gonna say this, but it could be something– – I know, I know what you’re gonna say. – Okay I’m just gonna go with that. – Okay. Are we all showing? – Yep. Three, two, one. – Please tell me. – Milly Rock! – Are you kidding me? – Yes, go Finn! Loving you. – I know my family. – You know your family.
– I know my family. – I was gonna say that,
but like I thought– – Next. – Okay, what’s my fear? – I know this is not gonna be it, it’s just funny. (laughs) How is yours Finn? – I have no idea. – It’s not. – I’m scared of sharks. – Oh my God! – Shark. – Clif bars becoming extinct. – I don’t even like Clif bars. – You love–
– That’s old Millie. – Oh okay. – Me and Millie don’t
even know each other. – [Finn] Okay. – Oh, me and Millie know this. I mean, easy. – Oh. – Finn, that’s definitely you. – Me and Finn know this one. – Great. – We all agree on something. – I have hosted a costume party before. – You have. – It was a Hallieween,
it was for Halloween. – [Finn And Noah] Hallieween. – Okay guys, you know what? This is not the time. It’s happened to me before. I’m not salty about it. Yeah, okay cool. Finn, I’m glad we agree. – I do it to a lot of people. – [Finn] Millie, she did it today. (Millie laughs) – I do do that a lot. – See I’m not the only one. – Oh, of the three of us? Sorry. He’s insane with math. Oh. – I said no one. – I said Finn.
– Noah, you’re insane– – I’m really bad at math. – Please do not give yourself a bad rep. You like, you look at a sum
and then you just know it. It’s insane. Oh. – It’s not Clif Bars! – Oh no, I know what it is. The baby food… GoGo Squeeze. – Baby food, apple things? – I didn’t even answer. – Yeah the baby food, apple things. That’s it, GoGo Squeeze. That’s right, we just did the BFF test. – That’s it. See we did, okay. – We did okay.
– We did okay. It was fun. – Thank you so much for watching.


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