• GAN Andy

    After I created the child theme the footer and header colour wont change, I set a colour press save and it keeps going back to a grey default colour. Both on header and footer. HELP!

  • dmw18045

    Love this video! Katrinah is a fantastic trainer. She leads you through step by step explaining things as she goes along. She made understanding the ins and outs of WordPress from an e-commerce perspective much easier. If you want to learn e-commerce setup for WordPress this video is definitely worth your time.

    Some of the locations of the tools and optons have changed with the latest version of WordPress since the video was made, but still definitely worth viewing. You just may need to search out the new locations. A good example is the menu setup. It's now located under Customize. From the child theme perspective I had problems with Child Themify, where it would not change the header color no matter what I tried. I then found another child theme creator that actually had additional options including backing up your css file before making changes so you have a restore point. Using this child theme creator I was still able to follow along with the video and make the changes suggested following the same procedures in the video.

  • Gaslight Floral Design

    Katrinah, I'm presently using Wootique and would like to change themes. I sell upscale wreaths. I was checking into this theme. Can you recommend any others you think might be of interest? It doesn't necessarily have to be a free theme. Also, is there a way to merge my present theme into another theme?

  • Mohammad Khorshed Alam

    hi katrina; i want to display 20 recent product or featured product at page but where should i nedd to change

  • Nathan Hale

    How come my pictures load sideways then after i edit they are straight on my computer and android devices, but are sideways on Apple devices? What am I doing wrong?

  • Ramon Jesus Reyes

    Hey Katrinah, can you teach me how to change the all right reserved , powered by or designed by woothemes on the footer ? been really wanting to change that, would be really cool if you can help me out , you can reply to my email or just here thanks!

  • Mushtaq Malik

    Hi Katrinah, Could you help me with the Logo positioning. I'd like my logo to appear on the right, in stead of the default left.

  • Steve W

    thank you for info with your help I was able to get past point where I was stuck great videos all of them ( subscribed )

  • Lala Noa

    Hey Katrinah, loved the vid and everything works on my site except were the buttons are to add products on the products, yours say add to cart, mine are just blank black rectangles, they still work to purchase but how to I get those to say buy or add to cart? Thanks!

  • Zahra Haider

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  • Zahra Haider

    make money online… no sign up fee required.
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  • debi athos

    I set up a footer with 4 widgets and when I opened up my site to work on it, 3 of the 4 widgets were gone. Any suggestion on what might have happened? Thanks

  • debi athos

    Any suggestion on where to get support for WooThemes Storefront. I don't have much luck with WooThemes ticket system. Thanks

  • stallion7786

    Hi Katrina, Gr8 video from South Africa. Have an issue , maybe you could assist, after creating child theme, the customize options doesnt change anything, meaning the colours back what it was prior to what was. Its still in default colour and wont change unless i select the parent .
    I am not sure because of latest update in wordpress.
    Kindly advise.

  • Rife

    Hallo, How to not display or remove this http://prntscr.com/auhlee in demo just display this http://prntscr.com/auhluj

    Thank you,

  • Easy Photo Class

    You redid your video for the menu area. I believe that Woo Commerce has fixed the problem and now you can use the Secondary menu setting. You can check this out for yourself and delete those parts if you want.

  • Hayley Lawrence

    I feel really dense for asking this, but I am having trouble figuring out how to make the storefront with my existing theme. The way I understand it, Storefront is a theme in itself, so if I activate it, it erases the theme I have now. I am a photographer, but I want to have a link to my storefront on my website – I don't want the storefront to BE my website. I hope this makes sense!

  • Ramon Jesus Reyes

    Hello Katrinah
    I found out how to do it , the only thing is for some weird reason i have edit css but i dont have editor???? why what happened i just followed your instruction s? need help asap

  • Tom Marquez

    Great tutorial. We are in the process of updating our website and someone suggested WordPress. We were afraid to change platforms, but your easy to follow step-by-step guidance took the fear away and gave us the confidence to go ahead and make the change. Thank you so much – Your work is greatly appreciated.

  • Explore By Pedalling

    hi Katrinah, thank you for the amazing tutorial. Q: my homepage, Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination. The comment appears on the product with some colour and size options. How do I change this to indicate stock is always available on all colours and sizes?

  • Explore By Pedalling

    In Attributes I understand it is possible to ad a corresponding colour swatch GiF to each colour. This would be great for me because a have 5 styles of pants and each style has 14 Colours. Any guidance possible would be fantastic. Thank you for the amazing tut.

  • Fannetta Lim

    hey Katrinah! Love watching your tutorial. I would like to check with u whether should I use Https or http for my ecommerce store? Thank you.

  • Explore By Pedalling

    Hello, I have a Woo commerce theme and shopping cart and I sell custom t-shirts. On my site I have different drop down tabs that allow the customer to select color, size, style, etc. of the shirt and then when they finish the price should pop up and they should be able to pick quantity and add to the cart. Instead, It says "Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination." this only happens on the products that have the variations. There is not quantity issue and I've checked all the variations and nothing has changed I do not know why all of a sudden it does not work can you please advise?

    Thank you

  • Barbara Marik

    Really love your tutorial! It saved me a lot of time. The only trouble I had was trying to create a child storefront. There have been so many changes to the functionality of WordPress, it is impossible to create a child storefront to mimic the parent. Simple things like updating the font color doesn't work.

  • Gemma Davenport

    Hi Katrinah, I was winning with your tutorial until I got to installing a childtheme, unfortunately this did not work as per your video? It stripped all of my saved areas, including the parallax etc, when I tried to edit them with my preferred colours and images – it just wouldn't save, it continued to revert back to the default colours? As a result I could not use the childtheme, and had to go back to the standard storefront theme I was working on up until you started using the childtheme? Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Sandipan Mallick

    Hi Katrinah….Wonderfully explained and very helpful tutorial. Could you let me know if there is a way to add the magic action box for every product

  • Jitesh Siddhu

    I have installed the child theme but its not working properly, I unable to change the header and footer colours, is there any solution for this?

  • Ashish Verma

    hi katrinah, i want to use bookshop child theme for storefront. as of now i cannot upload epub files on my site. i used a piugin it works fine but not good enough. tried to change some code as well in functions php but it did not work. please guide me. thanks. regards.

  • Slaytanic Sal

    Hi Katrinah! Great tutorial. Seems like the "Home Components" plugin is not compatible with the new wordpress, is their another plugin I could use instead?

  • Godprophet

    Hi Katrina your tutorial is great but I have not been able to edit the child theme (1:44 mins of video) even though I see the code was updated but changes do not appear on the site.

  • Eli Levi

    I have installed the Woocommerce Storefront Theme. I have added 4 products and they showed up fine, but when I added product number 5, it doesn't show up at all. Any ideas why it can be? thanks

  • İsmail Ismail

    Thank you Katrina
    I failed to change the Background color of Header an footer in Storefront-Child theme which I created as you did in your Tutorial, can you help in this issue please ?

  • Deepti Daryanani

    Hi Katrinah, Thanks for sharing such educational tutorials. I am an artist from India(recently written a children's book) I am looking to create a wordpress website that can help me in selling tickets for my upcoming educational events & workshops, share blog posts and an online store for digital/physical goods mostly. Would request you to please suggest a wordpress theme that can serve these three aspects in one website ? I have no IT skills but would really like to learn how to do this. Thanks and appreciate your support.

  • Adrian Barus

    Congrats on a great tutorial 🙂
    Do you happen to know how to change/translate the title text from frontpage sections (product category, featured products, on sale, top rated and so on)?. I tried every single snippet or translator app I could find online and nothing works 🙁

  • S.PRIYANKA bane

    Hi This is awesome you are really really good and your way of explanation is just awesome. thank you so much for guiding us.

  • Daulton Tansil

    My version of Storefront does not have a Header area for widgets. My first area shown is Sidebar. In addition, I don't show a Homepage option under Appearance. This is supposed to be the updated version of Storefront. Is something missing?

  • William James Rapp

    QUESTION — I am watching your video and I first notice this was created or published 3+ years ago and I know a lot has changed in the computer world in that time. I haven't watched this through yet but I will. I doubt you still respond, if you ever did, to this video but I have a question I hope you or another person here can answer. I cant afford to pay anyone to create my great idea so I am teaching myself how to code and as simple as that may sound to you or others who know how to code it has been a daunting challenge for me. I am trying to create a Professional DATABASED – FOR PROFIT – SERVICE WEB SITE ( cross platform ). I am selling a service on line – not a product. People will be able to enter data from the web site onto the data base in 3 basic forms. ( 2 of the forms will have a fee and one form will be FREE ) People will be able to Search the database. ( Searching is free ) When a person enters data for upload on the client side then they have to submit a payment before the data will upload. — How can I set that system up? Thank you all for your time. W. James Rapp

  • Michelle Moody

    Katrinah, I love everything about your videos, your teaching style- just everything! After a nightmare, stumbled on your video changed over to storefront and everything going swimmingly. UNTIL about an hour in your video, I realized that the home page where we use our tagline as a title is showing in my menu. Then i realized it may be because I have NO header widget! Everything that was in your header widget that you moved are in my Footer 3. Am I the only one this has happened to?? And what do I do from here….
    But I am subscribing to your channel and you will be my first go-to girl!! Thanks!

  • Mehrdad Zandipour

    Hi Katrinah
    Thanks to you I have builed my own website after paying designer for the last 12 years.
    Question: how can I controll the order at with the products appear?

  • Hatice Tavli

    Hi Katrinah. Thank you for this awesome video. Very helpful 🙂

    I have trouble installing the jetpack plugin with storefront. It keeps giving me "Internal Server Error" (500) Do you have an idea how I can solve this situation? Thanks

  • Amazon Assistant

    Katrinah I have purchase domain and cpanel hosing and remain in problem that How to create the website store front. Because I want to make this my own. My God you solve my problem. I love you and thank you for making video like this its really great video for the wp starters. once again I thank you..

  • Amazon Assistant

    Please also let me know if i want to make my online store more enhance what is your working process on it. thanks

  • salman shariff

    Hi katrinah i am fallowing your tutorials but in one place i am stuck from 4 days and m not getting how to fix it

    every time i open my shop page i need to scroll down the page to see the complete product or product categories picture, it has to b like as i open my product it should show the complete product page please reply me soon.

  • Masud Imtiaz Munna

    Thanks a million, so much helpful and easily explained. However, I could not change the header and footer color scheme when using child theme. Any tip please?

  • Martin Luthar

    Its superb….. really very much helpful for the beginners…
    I can also suggest you one site where you can get so many different templets according to our requirements and their services are awesome.
    You can create a store there with different plans provide by them and the best part is your store will be online within 24 hours.
    This is the link and do visit – http://www.themejungle.ooo

  • JeepAccessory.com

    At 35:20 in your vid vs. Jetpack today. They're different now, Jetpack has changed a lot. ANy chance of getting you to update your video? It'd be a great help to many I suspect.

  • Mohd Shad

    Hi thanks for helping..
    There some questions ..?
    I installed plugin in woocommerce but the product category are not showing .
    Please help

  • Robin Williamlove

    hello katrinah at 1:23:49 ur products images looks sized in standart i couldnt do it for my website, i dont have much coding skills i use storefront too and also if i can size them all standartly in my site one of them longer layout other ones short i want all of it to look same size and in order, if you can help me with that i will be appritiate, hypergroceries.com is my site

  • Eric Hepperle

    20:00 – Install Storefront Theme
    26:00 – Header image dimensions (1950 x 250)
    30:30 – Static front page
    34:00 – Register for JetPack –> lets you add a logo if theme doesn't support.
    47:45 – Actionbox plugin for email subscription list

  • Eric Wamburu

    Thank you so much for the video. You are a true teacher and gifted one at that. It truly helped in the development of the ecommerce site i have done. However i need help in creating
    1. QR Code generator for the invoice. This will facilitate in the payments after scanning.
    2. Customer statement for the total items purchased
    3. How can i add other payment platforms like Mpesa. (Please check https://developer.safaricom.co.ke/docs#m-pesa-result-codes for more.

    Thank you for your response

  • Peg Wolf

    I love and understand your videos but I was trying to follow this storefront video and it not working out the same way as you are showing on the video and now I am really confused. I was working on the About page and it won't allow any information to show under it. I just want to stop and start all over…but I don't know how to do that either.

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