Stevie’s Scam School: Domain name scam
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Stevie’s Scam School: Domain name scam

Welcome to my school. Stevie’s Scam School. Yeah, great. Hello. My name is Stevie,
the reformed scam artist, and I’m here to teach you
how to avoid being scammed. On with today’s lesson. I like to call this one
the ‘domain name scam’. What happens, right,
is that you’re presented with a real professional looking letter or email claiming you owe
money for your domain name. Here’s the clever part, right? The domain name is so similar to
one you actually own, that you don’t even notice! It may be only a letter different,
or end in a different extension like .net or As the payments are often automated,
getting a payment is a real synch! I used to double or triple
what a domain name usually costs! ZAP! Pretty smart right?! …and to think, all you would have to do
is to check the bill carefully before paying and double check that the domain name
is actually yours!! …or check the company sending the invoice is the one you registered your
original domain name with! Oh well. Guess some people
just don’t pick up on these things hey? But hey, there’ll be no fooling you now, right? Stevie’s Scam School. Yeah! Nice!


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