Steve Higgins Doesn’t Feel Well
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Steve Higgins Doesn’t Feel Well

-Oh, I almost forgot! Someone special is celebrating
their birthday today. We could not do the show
without him. You know him, you love him, the one and only Steve Higgins.
-Aw. -Happy birthday, Higgins! ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Happy birthday there, buddy. Are you having a good day?
You okay? -Actually,
I’m not feeling so great. My stomach is killing me. -Oh, something you ate? -I don’t think so. For lunch, I just had some
Dole baby spinach. -Dole fresh vegetables
is recalling packages of baby spinach. The company says a random sample
tested positive for salmonella. -Ugh. -Well, I’m sure it isn’t
the bag you ate. I mean, what are the odds
of that? You know. I mean, did you eat
anything else? -Let me think.
Yeah, after the salad, I treated myself
to those Entenmann’s Little Bites soft baked cookies.
So good. -Those are great, actually.
I do love those. -Entenmann’s Little Bites
soft baked cookies are being recalled because
pieces of blue plastic have been showing up
in the packaging. [ Laughter ]
-Uh, well, that’s not good. -Ugh. No, it’s not. [ Laughter ]
Ugh. -Let’s just try to take
your mind off of this. Are you going anywhere
this summer? -Oh, actually I am. Yes.
My wife and I just booked a trip on the Carnival cruise ship
Fantasy. Really love it, go every month.
Every month we go on a cruise. Food is great.
Amenities top notch. [ Smooches ] Top shelf.
-Carnival cruise ship Fantasy earned one of the company’s worst sanitation inspection
reports ever. A salad bar with not less than
15 small flies on bagels and bread, shower hoses
in the medical center that discharged brown water, and soiled cups and bowls
on a galley storage rack. -Oh, wow.
-Aw. -Higgins this is — I’m really — I’m really
sorry about this. -This is the worst birthday
ever. [ Audience awws ]
You got any good news for me? -Well… -Scientists in Denmark say
they are one step closer to developing the first vaccine
for chlamydia. -Yes! Yes!
[ “Gonna Fly Now” plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -Oh, he’s having a heart attack!
Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness.
He’s having a — Oh, he’s having a — Steve
Higgins, everybody! We’ll be right back with
more “Tonight Show.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪


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