Steve Harvey – hosting moments in Miss Universe 2015
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Steve Harvey – hosting moments in Miss Universe 2015

Please welcome Steve Harvey. Let’s go. Let’s go everybody. Let’s go. Welcome, welcome everybody to Las Vegas. How you feeling tonight? I said how you feeling tonight? This is going to be great. Everybody listen. Welcome, welcome to Miss Universe 2015. Look, I know what you’re thinking, already know . What is Steve Harvey doing here? I’m doing what you would do. If they ask you to host it, you to say that yeah too. So, I’m doing it. Look, you call me, you say, Listen Steve, there’s going to be 80 gorgeous women. Then I’m your man. I’m your man. This is up there. This is pretty good. Let me tell you something. The three biggest days of my life, the day I was born, the day I married that beautiful woman right there, and then the day she say it, I could host the swimsuit competition, Miss USA or Miss Universe or anything else I could do. I’m here baby yeah. Thank you so much. Hey, listen everybody, look. Tonight, we’ve got 80 stunning women who have traveled thousands of miles to compete for title that will change one of their lives forever. Good, good. Hey, listen. As a host that prides himself own, kind of trying to be, you know, sharpening dress from time to time. I have been known to get fly every once in awhile. I happen to love a good costume. I love them. Now, I’ve heard one of these girls is even dressed like a Rubik’s Cube. So, we’ll see what that is. Now everybody, get on your feet and let’s get this party started. Everybody, get on. When you see your country, when you see your favorite girl, let them know you love them. Let’s go. Well, let’s hear it for our contestants and their costumes. Folks, those were some absolutely phenomenal costumes. Uh, me personally I like the one that looked like a candy bar. That was my favorite. ok maybe none of them look like a candy bar just thought it was a key part well these contestants all confidently beautiful women and each one would make an incredible miss universe this is going to be a show unlike any other that we’ve ever had before folks because for the very first time everyone in the world will have a chance to be one of the judges you will help decide which one of these contestants wins the crown and it’s not going to be easy our contestants are competing live in front of a sold-out crowd here in Las Vegas in front of nearly a billion fans all over the world well look folks I’ve had two invitations since I’ve been here in Vegas one was from the girls to attend their pajama party all over the other invitation was from my wife to stay alive i rather stay alive I’m here is really good so listen folks I didn’t go to the jama party so it’s all good i’m here for this this is a tough moment just to let you know we’ve been informed that you all through your voting have crash the Miss Universe site it has gone down it can’t stand the pain well the final 15 backstage right now getting ready for the next round the swimsuit competition the swimsuit competition the reason every man is watching this show the reason Fox put it on before the football game that because you’re sitting next to your wife don’t act like you ain’t glad to see the swimsuit competition ok keep acting like that i have it for everybody in the swimsuit round judges will be scoring the final 15 contestants on confidence and stage presence who does that there remember confidence and stage present confidence and stage present that’s the fortune garbage now look folks we started tonight with 80 amazing women from all over the world and now we’re down to our final 15 in a moment they’re going head-to-head doing our swimsuit competition this is this ism I’m not ready this isn’t part we can’t do the swim we gotta do the swimsuit competition one more time I didn’t get a good look so upset okay folks it’s time for the evening gown competition and for all of you at home it’s time to put your judging hats back on its been changed so listen closely go to MU old got I powwow dot-com so for you at home make sure your own m uo dot I powwow dot-com get ready to score you your favorite answers exactly what I will see exactly male did for the first time in this universe History we are adding a surprise judge are you ready to meet this judge well i’ll give you a hit you spent the last three weeks with them well here it is your fellow competitors are the sixth judge these 77 women back here know you better than anyone else and they’re not just voting on your last answer they’re taking everything into account everything so hope you’ve been nice over the past three weeks any hidden shoes stolen makeup could cost you but right now these ladies have the power this is it the final look one of the final three would be the next miss universe will it be a repeat winner for columbia will the woman from Oklahoma when the worldwide crowd are will the Philippines fans shout to the world you have voted over 10 million times where why there are two women left Columbia and Philippines we join me over here one of you is about to become our new Miss Universe if for any reason she is unable to fulfill the duties the first runner-up will take a place good luck to both of you miss universe 2015 is hola ok folks there’s I have to apologize the first runner-up is Columbia miss universe 2015 is Philip ok listen folks let me just take control this this is exactly what’s on the card I will take responsibility for this it was my mistake it was on the car horrible mistake but the right thing I can show it to you right here the first runner-up is Columbia it is my mistake still a great night please don’t hold it against the ladies please don’t we feel so badly but it’s still a great night thank you

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