Steve Harvey: First Time Hosting | SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO
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Steve Harvey: First Time Hosting | SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO

STEVE HARVEY: That because they had brought me back
again as a professional act. I did okay, but then
I started warming the crowd up for Mark Curry. Sinbad was still hosting and
Mark was doing amateur night in some– And I was
just the warm up act, and then one night
Mark Curry called and said he wasn’t coming. And they said, could you
introduce three amateurs? Do you know how to
introduce people? I said yeah. I didn’t, but I said yeah. And so, I walked out
on stage and introduced the three amateurs and they
said, hey do the rest of them. I did the rest of them. Mark Curry stopped hosting. They say they’re
gonna have auditions. Chuck Sutton called me and
said, hey man I don’t think we need to audition anybody. Let’s bring that kid
back, Steve Harvey. They brought me
back for a test run. I did better than I did before,
and I had saved me some money and bought a suit, because
I used to wear just shirts. I didn’t have money. Came around the corner,
they clapped for the suit. I did the warm up
act and the hosting. I didn’t use any warm-up
act, and that was it. They gave me the job full-time. And that was it. Seven years.

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