• Norcanex S.G. LLC.

    The US is great alright, great at having a government that bullies it allies and terrorizes the rest of the world!

  • saluki 83

    The Right has felt that they have been loosing America for some time.  What they don't realize is that they have not been able to accept CHANGE.  They are threaten because they no longer have POWER and that is scary.  The Rights needs a scapegoat – minorities.  MST

  • He1artliving

    Google, Gods, God Of Christians, God of Muslim, God of Sun or God of Water…God of living Beings…God of Unlivings… God of Righteousness…God of liars…God of Innocent…
    God of arrogant….all Gods Are existed in the all different human beings‘ s Souls, Spirit, And Mind.

    Google has EYES of G👀D GREAT PEOPLE to find GOOD people and HOMEs of friends, but sadly bad people use it to target to KILL HUMANS.
    That’s why there is FACEBOOK to show REAL face of GOOD people or good LOOKING people.

  • Barro the Broadcaster

    My favorite quote from Stephen Colbert is when he said, "Mr. Trump, to answer your call for political honesty, you're not going to be president." How wrong you were, Stephen. And how very wrong you are.

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12

    never were not : > double ney means yay

    why always complicate simple matters and spirits ^.^

    love you Stephen #FullHomoSapiens

  • Barbara Necker

    It's 2018; Donald Trump is president — ugh! !!! and Stephen has taken over The Late Show — applause! !!

  • Nathaniel Frankford

    Here's a short story I wrote.


  • Nathaniel Frankford

    "All we had before the merge took place. And to this day I do not regret this moment, this moment that my son smiled and was happy. A moment that will be all too shortly remembered."

  • Jeanne d'Arc

    I'm amazed to see a title like this in the english language.
    Actually it translates into German perfectly and it's not confusing at all, it's pretty accurate, even in the grammar. But we usually translate it ("niemals nicht") different for you, because of the confusion and we will build such sentences different f.e. with "never ever" or around phrases like this.
    Therefore, I'm a fan of the title!

  • culturetoronto

    Stephen Colbert is a legend. The interviewer sucks so much balls and must have cancer or something because where the fudge is the energy? Or is he just that jaded?

  • resonant.interval

    only neutered males can cross their legs like that. Noam chomsky does it too. what is the hidden meaning of this? i can't do it without hurting my balls and i have average or below sized genitals! they have to be neutered!! or they love pain

  • Robert McGarry

    Damn it! I haven't thought of the game for so long. Shit, I just lost I was doing so well. Thanks Stephen from almost a decade ago, thanks…

  • Backpacker

    Dear YouTube PMs & Engineers, May I suggest a simple feature? Add a comment filter option to only show comments before 2016.

  • justgivemethetruth

    Colbert is pretty smart. I'm impressed, I have not spend much time listening to him and just saw bits of his show previously. He is too smart to appeal to the ones who really need to understand the zen comedy that he creates, the ones who need it … namely Republicans. They are not able to think so hard or to keep contradictory ideas in their heads.

  • Jason Voorhees

    "The Greatness We Never Weren't." So Colbert admits we were always great. Awesome. Either that or he failed to learn about double negatives…his entire life.

  • Jeppe Geer

    English is my second language, and immediatly thought "Re-Becomming the greatness we never weren't" was something like "re-gaining strength we've never lost" it's at best a critisism on Trumps campain slogan "Make America Great Again" which insinuated that America had lost it's greatness, it really hadn't, but in the 2 years of Trump, it actually has lost Greatness.

  • subjectivistJ

    Comfort + nervous = awesome. I can't tell where character Colbert and real Colbert ends…. that makes this wonderfully genuine. Nice!

  • Steve Davis


  • Jeremy Mettler

    Nothing will do any good but free press unbias unopionated facted checked news trump would never of happened and not going to help without free press idiots give rights away don't even know why they rights unbelievable

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    globalasm sucks to fast and it destroys ones life because its to fast of a sucking out of standards long established that made life actually tolerable before. now the way life is its not worth living. i would rather be dead then live like this with everything stolen from me.

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    its not worth it to be corrupted. i can take on all of you idiots because i have a series of trillion dollar plus solutions that i can bust out at any time i want to. im the only man on earth who can pull it off legitimately

  • Mike Davison

    Little did he know…

    I'd LOVE to interview Stephen about this interview today!

    (Subtle nod to Dustin Hoffman)
    The first person to name the movie gets a noddy badge 😉

  • Mike Davison

    "My father and two of my brothers died" said in passing?? WHAT THE ACTUAL???
    Maybe I'm just too young to understand how someone can talk about that in such a blasé fashion…???
    I just can't comprehend…
    My father passing away was THE MOST harrowing experience of my life. I'm not sure I'll ever recover from that…

  • joan s

    google… stop goofing off and go fix your shit! You have so much work to do and your here goofing off…. get to work and fix your AI…

  • Bobby

    Pretty foolish philosophy. The average American definitely wants (and has wanted) change for a long time. They thought Trump could help them. That is why he is president.

    This seems to be more about stroking your own ego than it does being in touch with the average American in a capitalist society.

    Trumps campaign line was in fact true. It's just he is the complete opposite of what he is saying. He doesn't offer the average American hope and change. He just said that to win the election because he knew that is what they wanted.

    The average American has been struggling for a long time.

  • Phil Kallahar

    No there are no gods
    Just your overactive imagination
    Until u can prove there's a god/gods forgive me for taking the null hypothesis & say u haven't proven anything more than u have an unsupported belief. Congrats

  • luz de laz sol

    Perdón pero YO CON EL PODER DE JEHOVÁ les pido qué respecto sí que te amas y Tal ves ames a tú mamá LO TESTIFICÓ CON EL PODER DE JEHOVÁ AMEN

  • T. A. Stingbatt

    Shame he changed his tune with time. Loving the Second Amendment so he can shoot people who squelch his First Amendment in the face.

  • luz de laz sol

    Perdón hablas de años atrás pero YO le soy GRACIAS a mí padre celestial Jehová y Jesucristo que mando unos misioneros 2016 así FUE todo cambio mí vida por éso VIVO en el mundo pero no soy del mundo lo testificó con el poder Jehová y Jesucristo Amén

  • Rust* Skull

    Making America Great Again…..what it means to me is when people used to put their name on a product because they were proud of it and it lasted.

    my parents have items that were from the 40 50 60 and there still in great shape and work. unlike now a days where you brake something befor you even get it home

  • Desaree Bourdon

    Dang .. 7 years ago!!! (YES!! I bought the book). I LOOOOVE Stephen Colbert 😍❤💛💚💙💜💋💋💋 He's sexy to me because of his intellect and humor. Who's with me?? A person who can hold an intelligent conversation and also have fun with it … to be funny at the same time?? Makes my toes tingle 😉😀

  • Harold Kerr II

    Colbert is an ass who has no talent and no intelligence. If he ever had to do anything to EARN a living he'd starve.

  • No-Conspiracy No-Jobs

    I can Sees thru Internet wall, Sirens sounder red alert, as Anonymous Michael Jones, Google Eric Schmidt, & CBS Stephen Colbert count their money & shut up decentors of their virtual prison. Stephen forced my hands 2 buy his book, #7 on New York Times, with fake news on his RCA Bipolar, & fake Cancer referrals.

    Real, respectable, & angry, retired military personal shake their arms @ Nine impersonators, imposters, who impose their Christian fundamentalist radical belief, incentivized manufactured crisis, & pose as soldiers, veteran Doctors,, fake nurse, cutting victims off from their family

    A page inside paperback book nook of ethics, with focus on criminal behavior from bully conglomerates

    Force council

  • QI Varebil2

    Imagine this man – running for president. Cheating on his wife. Colluding with Putin. Locking up kids in cages. Mocking the disabled. Exonerating the klan… Did You just lose the ability to imagine there? Tells You all about Stephen Colbert, doesn't it?

  • Sam blam-a lamb

    Colbert is so well read. I just keep asking myself " what's wrong with me?" . Why am I or anyone I know not as well read? "The country we never weren't " is in essence the real argument . Ignorance is a disease. Where is the WAR ON IGNORANCE ? Many people cannot follow this line of thinking which includes most of who I know. It includes family, friends , and associates who cannot follow logic in America. Keep reading America : Moby Dick , Animal Farm , William James. Stop stop reading is what I'm saying.

  • Sam blam-a lamb

    This is the best and most intellectual interview I've seen since the youtube video with Henry and William James.

  • Bette Gregory

    😂😂😂😂😆😂😆😆😆😆😂😆😂😆who is Stephen C. He s such an idiot. Ok just plain stupid. Trying to identify with milenials. Who don't read books. I am shocked that they buy books. When they want school free.

  • Bran Evans

    America is not in trouble. It has one of the highest standards of living and treats all Americans fairly not depending on race, ethnicity or gender. It is the most powerful nations yet uses its power for good. It is not in trouble. That's when I turned off. Colbert you're just dumb to say "America is in trouble".

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