Step 7.1   Connecting WooCommerce to a free BTCPay Server Host
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Step 7.1 Connecting WooCommerce to a free BTCPay Server Host

in this video we’ll be connecting our store with a free BTC pay a host host is basically a third party which has a BTC pay server and they open it up for registration so that you can receive payments through them there are two types of host free and paid of course free are free and donation based so if you will be using a free host and it works out for you well donate to free host like BTC paid jungle con which we will be using also there are a bunch of other hosts I will put a link to github document which tries to keep a track of all of these hosts so both free and paid have advantages and disadvantages of course it is the best if you can host a BTC per pacer yourself and avoid third party but if you cannot afford it or just want to try it out go ahead BTC pay jungle comm is one of the hosts which will allow you to accept Bitcoin and they will do it for free so the first step is to register of course you can use the registration button here or down below let’s just register it’s pretty straightforward this entire process you enter your email password and confirm password so let’s do that and register it also is notification here which will say account Kree created please confirm your email address so we now need to confirm our email address head over to your inbox and wait for verification email you will see it’s very pretty straightforward just confirm your account by clicking on this link so let’s click on that link and now our account is confirmed from that we now need to login into BTC page jungle again enter your credentials and you can remember yourself self if you want and now we are logged into BTC paste server which be tcp jungle host so all right let’s now connect to our store head over to your store dashboard go to WooCommerce settings and click on the payments tab above locate in the BTC pay and just click on it you can also customize the title and a customer’s message but you can do that later for now let’s just pair our store and the server via the API in the first field enter BTC pay jungle your URL address including HTTP so this is the full address HTTP with CP jungle dot-com you’ll notice here that immediately you’ll get this link which will say BTC pay jungle / API tokens click on it now you just need to request pairing here no need to enter label or arranging just click request bearing verify information here is correct make sure that your site here is Android and click approve now you will get cerar pairing code which is this one copy this code here and head back to your payment tab and enter paste it here and when you do that click pair when you see this this means that your store has successfully been connected to BTC pay jungle or any other third party host your using the process is absolutely the same for all time now that we reconnected our store we won’t do any other customizations I won’t show you anything for now because in the next video I want to show how you can launch your own be TCP server on your own host and be your own bank and after that we’ll dive a bit deeper into BTC pay and how to configure it and you can start accepting Bitcoin payments in your store right away and be your own back

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  • NameAlpha

    At 2:30 you explain the process but my installation does not show the API Token URL, I tried creating one manually and it does not pair. It seems something is wrong with the API perhaps? I can't get the tokens to work.

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