Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – Rowan Atkinson | Top Gear – BBC
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Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – Rowan Atkinson | Top Gear – BBC

So obviously you do love your cars and now of course you race, you are yes King Occasionally yeah, yeah historic racing yeah, so what are you racing the track um what I have gone is a Ford Falcon 1964 Ford Falcon, it’s a big sort of you know 4.7 liter v8. And and very very light isn’t that like lambda yachting Exactly, it’s it’s got a certain floppiness to it so obviously driving the Kia But you know one of my worries about coming on the show Was that I think that people know that I’m a car enthusiast and that I have done some racing and that they will assume that In the reasonably priced car I’ll be I’ll be very good when there’s absolutely No guarantee of that whatsoever Because there is a very particular thing And a little slow learner of cows and all that I was keen to I was keen never go so I had to go well Who here would like to see you Rowan’s lap? Like you were using launch control You look a bit nervous if I may say yeah, all wide line like a Formula One driver flew there and Wide on the way out as well of you smooth If the submissiveness Yes here we are into their Hammerhead keeping it between the lines obviously the slower you appear to be going and that does appear to be very slow indeed Sometimes the faster it is it doesn’t look too bad, but what do you think? Keeping it very tight on the runway. That’s a new interesting line second-to-last corner that is Beautifully angled and Gambon no drama no histrionics across the line Where’s the ball where do you think he might have come The man at the very top is a Johnny Bishop the northern comedian followed by Ross Noble the northern comedian Yeah, well I was born in the north so many of course you’re from the same neck of the woods is Ross Noble So you’re looking at the top you have Matt Oh no no no I’m yeah, exactly one one looked up there, but there’s absolutely no reason why I should be there It would be I felt as though I did okay, but not great. That’s my you okay Well at the very top it is Bishop on. What is he 142 eight so Rowan occurs? You did it one good 40 excellent, too Well that was actually remarkable because we did Genuinely think when Bishop did that time and was so much faster than Tom Cruise it would never be Beaten no no the Tom Cruise thing It is 30 you know and what is very interesting is that all your lap times were incredibly consistent? As is the mark of a great racing driver vocation posh turns out You’re in the wrong career So I mean a lot of people think that you’ve already been on this show yes ladies and gentlemen he has now Rowan Atkinson


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