Stagger Your Emails If You Don’t Have On Demand Hosting
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Stagger Your Emails If You Don’t Have On Demand Hosting

Obviously that’s where
the most of your business is going to come from online is obviously your house file
during Peak training which of course is brochures and emails. So this is a major
major problem for this case study store. And so we split tested it so you can see
is a great time split test because you get knowledge back really
quickly, which is really good. And then the site went really
slow do but unfortunately they sent all the
emails, 250 thousand emails in less than 30 seconds. And of course. Imagine what would happen in a
real shop in the High Street. Everyone would come in. They’ll be queuing it would be really really slow Your site should be able to
cope with AWS hosting. But anyway stagger it. I mean if you’re not ready can’t you can’t
change servers now, but you can stagger your email slowly and do that because all
unfortunately the site will probably cope with about a thousand concurrent
people at any one time. But it means that anyone on your site
won’t be able to buy anything which is stupid so if you
haven’t got your hosting sorted out. The only thing to do now is get a ticket solution or just stagger it slowly.

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