StackCP: Hosting Control for your Customers (2018)
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StackCP: Hosting Control for your Customers (2018)

As a 20i reseller you get access to the
easy-to-use feature-packed control panel. It’s your customers one-stop hosting
control panel with everything you’ll ever need to manage your website.
It’s 100% brandable so you can offer your customers a seamless hosting
management experience at the side of your business. You can use a
pre-configured StackCP theme, or you can go as far as to add your own logo,
branding and business information. You also have control of the email sent to
your customers. It gives you everything you need to create simple, minimalist
hosting control panels or feature-packed control panels – all tailored to suit the
needs of your customers. Why not try the StackCP demo today. It’s the hosting
control panel that your customer will actually want to use.

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