Squad Wars Bonus – Try Guys Try Hosting
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Squad Wars Bonus – Try Guys Try Hosting

♪♪ Hi, were “The Try Guys.” The last two years, we’ve been
making videos together all about trying stuff. Try Guys for life. Like, enduring labor pains. Drag performances. Getting our asses kicked. I got my ass kicked. I hate this.
I hate this. Ooh. And also, we get naked a lot. Sorry, mom. Along the way,
we become best friends, and well, kind of like
the ultimate squad. Best friends. So we got together
with YouTube Red to make the show
“Squad Wars.” Each week, incredible squads will compete head to head in spectacular challenges unlike anything
they’ve ever done before. And each episode will feature a different guest judge. Lance Bass.
Lance Bass, baby. Lance Bass. – But that’s not all.
– Because we don’t want our squads to go at it alone, each week, two of us
will be joining in on the fun and teaming up with the squads. The winner
of the episode will receive the ultimate trophy
in reality competition, the Tryphy. It’s so beautiful. And in the end,
we’ll pick our favorite squad to come back and battle us, The Try Guys,
at one last ultimate challenge. Talent on set. I’m excited, but I’m also
a little intimidated. We normally do
everything ourselves. We’re shooting,
we’re writing, we’re directing,
we’re editing. And now, there’s like
a 40-person crew here. I host a lot
of videos at Buzzfeed but I don’t know
how to host, like, a big show. Like a real show. I’m not used to having lines. I’m just used
to kind of like rambling adorably. As The Try Guys,
we always have an expert who, you know,
teaches us how to do stuff. So for hosting,
we got to find an expert. There’s only one man
who could help us. Host of Americas Got Talent,
Deal or No Deal, and countless
other reality TV shows. It’s Howie Mandel,
Americas sweetheart. Let’s talk to Howie. Thank you for having us. I want you to get everything you need out of this. – We need all the help.
– Yeah. I am a master of what I do. – Obviously.
– And think of me as your pamphlet
to information. We’re just gonna open you up. There you go. Just get inside that. I am now opening this up to questions. Which side do you think
is my good side? Is someone gonna make
my face look better? – Where do I put my hand?
– Do I have to be bald? – I really like my hair.
– Is there a secret society
of hosts? Do you think the guys are gonna
kick me out of the group? Can I just have Keith
say everything for me? Can I say everything
for Eugene? That would be really helpful. Here’s the key.
Interviewing. You gotta get
to know your guests. Would you like to talk to me? Oh, you’re good?
All right. That’s a pretty normal interaction with a lady. Excuse me, sir.
How’s it going? Why doesn’t anyone
wanna talk to me? I am super charming. You wanna
talk about your package? Eugene. Eugene just sucks
at talking to people. Do you know anyone
who’s died recently? I don’t know
if that’s a good angle. How do you probe that brain? Empathy. Feigned empathy. Oh. – Oh.
– Oh. – Look at you.
– Oh. – Bye. Thank you.
– Bye. Love you. I don’t know what to say. Do you have
any juicy secrets? I have a weird fear
of the spin cycle, yeah. A fear of washing machines? What did you buy? Got a lot of frozen stuff. Does that mean you’re single? My mom has a video of me
falling asleep on the toilet
taking a ****. – That’s ****** up, huh?
– Oh, I mean like, oh. I’m sorry about
that poop in the– – I was only kidding.
– in the toilet story. So I’m married. Are you in a relationship? Not anymore. What happened? He had other kids. – Oh, my God.
– Yeah. And that’s basically
what a host does. Every host
has a signature look, – a style.
– Right. How do we decide
what to look like? You know,
the style comes from within. It’s kind of like poo. – Poo.
– Comes from within. – Gotta find our poo.
– Find your poo. I’m kind of hearing
that we could just wear like anything? Anything. Oh, my goodness.
Look at these fun clothes. Let’s get beautiful. – Uh-oh.
– Oh. Damn. Why do you have Thor’s hammer? Did you think this is
a bachelorette party? Looks like that squad
just got hammered. (imitates jackhammer) Don’t be a dummy,
watch Squad Wars. Who are you calling a dummy? Why do you need a tiny dummy when you got Zach? Who are you calling a dummy? Pretty disturbing. Do you think we’re gonna
make Howie proud? I don’t see how we couldn’t. Howie couldn’t? – Hey.
– Howie couldn’t. Hey… Yeehaw. Quit horsing around, fellas, because this is Squad Wars. – Don’t stroke it.
– Don’t stroke. Don’t stroke it. Hey all you cool cats, you’re watching Squad Wars, – no?
– Why cool cat? What does that have to do
with your look? Because I’m like
a cool cat guy. All right.
You know what? Fine. Fine. – Zach, don’t be mad.
– Don’t be upset. Don’t be upset. Scrub Wars. Oh, that’s not the show. Wuad Sqars. Wieners out. Please leave.
Get out. Next up on Squad Wars,
we’ll have winners and we’ll have fluters. What? What’s that?
What’s that? What accent is that? Go drink your juice. – Yes.
– Yes. You have never looked
more beautiful. Welcome to Squad Wars. Am I the only one
who thinks he’s just trying to outdo me? Oh. Oh, I didn’t expect that. I’m a beautiful butterfly in outer space. Oh, there it is.
Okay. Sure. Don’t fly away. It’s Squad Wars. I don’t think
this is working. We need to look
more like real hosts. I dressed like Conan O’Brian. I look awesome. Really good show tonight. Ned Fulmer is here. Thirty-nine days, eighteen squads, one survivor. Each episode.
One survivor – each episode.
– Yeah, yeah, that’s it. Squad Wars (indistinct) – What is this? What is this?
– Are you supposed to be… I’m Iron Chef–
I’m the Iron Chef guy, yeah. – Oh, the Iron Chef guy.
– The secret ingredient is people. Okay, okay, okay. Points are tripled
in this round. Top six answers
on the board. And survey says,
it’s Squad Wars. – Is this…
– Are you seriously – is this a Dr.Phil?
– That’s a really – bad Doctor Phil.
– No, guys, hardest working man in showbiz,
Steve Harvey. Obviously. – I don’t think you shouldn’t
be doing that. – I don’t think that’s okay.
– What… You whitewashed Steve Harvey. – Yeah.
– No. Yeah. – No–well…
– Yeah. Hosts have this
magical ability to make whatever action is happening on screen
super fascinating. – How do you do that?
– Inflection. – In this round…
– Whoa. …we are going to stand still. You see what I did?
And then people at home are going,
“Oh, my God, they’re gonna stand still.” It doesn’t matter
what you say, it’s inflection. Let’s try that. Welcome to another
beautiful day at grocery store. We are gonna throw to Keith in the soup aisle. Keith,
how is it going? Were gonna check the action as it’s happening. Cellophane is no match for these wrists of fury. Zach has now rejoined
his people and is in the deli. Is that racist? – Yes, it was.
– Sorry. He has the oven gold
turkey in his hands. Preparing it for that
scary slicing machine that you always think is gonna chop off
someone’s fingers. She’s looking back, giggling. Her heart has been softened by this moment
at the grocery store. What warmth. I found a quarter. I think I know
just the place to spend it. This sort of motion
between the two of us is quite suggestive but that’s just
the kind of fun you can have
at a grocery store. We’re having a time. Back to you guys at the desk. Breaking news. We are dealing with
a top level grocery shopper. She is one to watch. And her flip flops look very comfortable. It looks like
she’s on her way to returning
the cart properly. She is incredible
looking and… Ready both for Pilates
and for a rodeo. She’s going. It looks like
she’s gonna return the… – She’s gonna (indistinct)
– It’s in. It’s in. – Oh, my God.
– Oh, my goodness. – Never in my 20 years…
– What just happened? You just–you hope
for a moment like this. We are currently
getting kicked out of the supermarket. Will we get arrested? We’ll find out… Right after this. So we see you
countless times on TV, telling someone they lost. How do we break
the bad news in a way where they
don’t feel bad afterwards? Candy coat. You know? Candy coat it. ♪♪ We are going to emulate
the bachelor, and tell a bunch
of beautiful, nice women
that they suck. Keith is very indecisive. Stacy K., take a step back. Stacy R., two steps back. And now one step forward. Zach is too weak
to give bad news. – I’m America’s sweetheart.
– Well–right. – No, no, I get it. No, I…
– Do you understand? – Sugar coat, sugar coat.
– Sugar coat it. I got this.
Guys, I got this. Ned is terrible
at giving bad news. Here, take this. Don’t ask any questions. Go, run, run,
go back. No. Don’t worry
about it. No, were keeping
Jordana this episode. – No, she is not.
– I have decided. Finally,
Eugene gets a chance to shine because he has no feelings. Now, he has something
to teach the other Try Guys. Who here is not white? We are all gone by midway
through the season. We’re just here for the quota,
guys, right? You all lost.
You’re are leaving. Wait, no, actually–no,
everyone… – No, everyone, just go.
– No, no, no. Don’t need a rose.
Just go, go, go, go, go. – You’re all good.
– You already got a rose. (indistinct chatter) You’re all staying.
Yes, everyone… We are all stronger, more powerful women walking away from this show.
Everyone’s winning. Come back again tomorrow. We’ll be here. My favorite thing
about competition shows is when people walk off-screen. They just huddle over
on the side. Do you wanna go
pretend were off– – we are leaving.
– Yeah, let’s all go. Hello. Reality show magic. This is how they do.
This is how they do. On our show, we are not gonna
coral women in the corners. Oh, wait,
this is our show. – I think we got it.
– I hosted you. – Yes.
– You hosted the **** out of us. You’ve been hosted. I think you’ve, uh, got enough
information from me. Yeah, I think we can
get out of your office. I feel like
that’s what you want. – I do.
– We’ll go. We’ll just go. Turns out hosting
is a lot harder than I thought. It’s intimidating,
but I realized, we’ve been preparing
for this all along. I think at the end of the day,
what’s most important, just for us to be true
to ourselves. All of us have about 25% of what it takes
to be a host. So together,
we make the perfect host. Action. I–I’m… I feel like Zach
says the first one. I’m Zach. – I’m Zach.
– I’m Ned. – I’m Eugene.
– Keith, too. – I’m Zach.
– I’m Ned. – I’m Eugene.
– And I’m Keith. And we’re…
“The Try Guys.” We’ve got our very own show coming to YouTube Red
this January. This is…
“Squad Wars.” Yeah. Whoo. Hit the buttons. Hit the buttons. Hit the buttons. Hit the buttons. – You got a camera there?
– Look at that… Oh, baby, yeah,
baby, yeah, baby, yeah, baby. This season on Squad Wars, pew, pew, pew, pew. Fire in the hole. (indistinct chatter) We’re about
to blow your mind. He is falling off of me. That looks dangerous. It’s super dangerous. Really?
No! Do it live. **** it. I definitely just split
my pants open. Ooh. Whoo. Oh. Try Guys for life. ♪♪


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