SQL Server Scanner | How to find all SQL servers on network
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SQL Server Scanner | How to find all SQL servers on network

When Lansweeper scans a Windows asset, it
automatically retrieves SQL Server information found on the client machine. Lansweeper now also scans SQL Server cluster
information, which can be useful for determining your licensing costs. In Lansweeper, under the software section
of an asset, you can find all scanned SQL Server information. Valuable info such as SQL edition, License,
Version and if the SQL Server is clustered or not can all be found here. Of course, there are also a number of built
in reports available, so you can get a more global overview of the SQL servers in your
network. Retrieving and centralizing all this IT asset
information in one single system of record, regardless of platform or location, physical
or virtual, that’s how Lansweeper keeps you in control of your IT. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
Channel if you wish to receive new video’s, tutorials, vulnerability updates and more

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