SQL Server 2019 Vision
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SQL Server 2019 Vision

>>Growing volumes of data create deep pools of opportunity for those
who can navigate it. SQL Server 2019 helps
you stay ahead of the changing tide by
making data integration, management, and
intelligence easier and more intuitive
than ever before. With SQL Server 2019, you can create
a single virtual data layer, that’s accessible to
nearly every application. PolyBase data
virtualization handles the complexity of integrating all your data
sources and formats, without requiring you to
replicate or move it. You can streamline
data management using SQL Server 2019
big data clusters deployed in Kubernetes. Every node of a big data cluster includes SQL Server’s
relational engine, HDFS storage and Spark, which allow you to
store and manage your data using the tools
of your choice. SQL Server 2019 makes it easier to build intelligent
apps with big data. Now you can run Spark jobs to analyze structured and
unstructured data. Train models over data from
anywhere with SQL Server machine learning services or
Spark ML. And query data anywhere using
a rich notebook experience embedded in Azure Data Studio. The torrent of data
isn’t slowing down, but it doesn’t have to
sink your business. Sail through with SQL Server 2019 and shorten the distance
between data and action.

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