Splitwise Online Tutorial | Know A App/Website by #InfoBox | How does #splitwise app work?
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Splitwise Online Tutorial | Know A App/Website by #InfoBox | How does #splitwise app work?

hello friends my name is Faisal and
welcome to infobox in this section, we are going to introduce a new segment
called Know a Website or App we are going to
check an app called splitwise which will be familiar with many of you but like I
just want to explain this for those who are not familiar with this(app). So splitwise
is basically a free tool which you can share your expenses with your friends or
families relatives of anyone which you are working together or living together
we can keep track of our expenses when you are shared something with your
friends colleagues or if you’re going for a trip or you’re staying
together with some of your friends and end of day it will be very difficult for
you like how much you spend how much your friends spend how much your
colleagues spend so by using this app you can track all this
information very easily so I will explain you how we can do that. I’ll be
sharing my mobile screen with you in this screen and I’ll be explaining from
background I will give you the voiceover with help of this app you can track your
balance you can organize your expenses we can have multiple groups you can have
multiple friends in your app there are many advantages. This is not a paid
promotion but like I’m just explaining some important apps for website which
like I think very useful for some of you this app is available in both Android
and iPhone it’s a free tool which you can download from App Store
or Google Play but there are a few features which required a pro version of
this app so I will be explaining what are those features. So now I’ll explain
you how to install this app. it’s very simple like any other app you can
just open Google Play or if you are using iPhone (iOS) just go to App Store
and type split wise and this is the interface of splitwise
where you can see mainly four sections friends, groups, activity and account. So
in friends section you can add your friends your colleague by using mobile
number or using email you can add your friends into splitwise and group
section you can create or manage group so you will see all the existing group
in this section. To create a new group you can click create group button (after
going into groups) and then type the group name there and then you can select
the group type it can be apartment, house, trip or any other things you can select
any one of that and you can add an image for example you can add your apartment
image by clicking that camera icon there and you can take a picture or you can
select from your album and then once Done you will be having that newly
created group name in this group section and I am now opening a group that I
already created earlier and you can see here like I have two members already
added into it. So to add a new member you can just click add member and then
select your friends contact from there so now we don’t have any expense here yet.
so to add a new expense type you need to click or tap that plus icon and then enter
the description for example for what purpose is your expense like
for example here I’m typing ticket and my ticket cost is thousand and you can
see like how you are going to split this so mainly we have four categories here
say you paid if you pay the money you can you can select you paid split
equally or if you owe the full money you can select the second option or if you
friend paid and you need to split it you can add on behalf of your friend
so all these options are available here and then once you’re done you just click
Save button and then it will be added into this group so you can see here now
like I added thousand and I spplitted it equally so you can see here like
I owe five hundred and infobox owes 500 So this how the app splitting it(expense).
it so I’ll explain you more option here say for example I’m adding a new
item if I want to add a receipt or if I want to scan a receipt of my food bill
or my lunch bill, I can just scan it and then like I can take a picture of
that and then if I save it and I’ll be able to see, for example, that recipet
so it want to see the receipt you just need to open that section that
you added there and you can see the So this is how you can
see so I don’t have a receipt so I just took my a picture of my channel home
page and you have more options here say for example the way you are splitting
you can select more option or you can select different icons like it there are
many icons so for example if you were selecting lunch or electricity or music
you can select it different icon if required if it’s a common term, by
default or automatically it will come for example if you type electricity if
you type “ELEC” then it will switch the icon to electricity now coming to
the splitting wise, so we currently split it to like split equally you have more
option to like split for example with exact amount say for example you spent
80 or you spent some amount 70 and your friend spent 30 so you can split that
amount with the exact amount or you can split by a percentage for example you
spent 10% if the total amount your friend spent 90 percentage of your total I’m on
so that is one option or you can like split by share so split by share will be
very helpful for example if you have multiple shares, so an example like you
are going for a trip and you have you and your wife and then you like your
friend alone so you will have two shares and your friends have one share so
because you need to pay money for your wife so this is this an example so in
this way you can keep like multiple shares for a single person which will be
helpful in this case another option is split by adjustment in
this you can add,for example you spent little more than your friend like it for
example a plus 10 you can enter that adjustment to reflect who has the extra
money so those kind of options are available here so these are the
different option like how you can split money with this and this app will
automatically calculate based on your input now you can see the group balance
has changed and it will show you like how much you owes or how much your friend
owes you can send remainder to your friend if you’re not getting money from your friends and you can just ask him for a
money or you can do the settlement from here like or you can register your
settlement here like settle up so all those options are there and then you can
see the like spending summary like example current months total summary
last month or all time so all these options are available here there are
some features which are only available in a pro version say for example to see
in a chart or to perform a currency conversions all these options are only
available in s splitwise Pro which cost around 99 rupees per month so it’s like
hardly like 1.5 dollars you can create some kind of a whiteboard where you can
give some information to remember something all those options are here
like kind of an add-on you have option you have option to export your groups settlement you
can export or you can save this into your mobile or you can export into a
email you can also have option to see the recent activities so like what all
things you have done so far all those options (available) you can track a
kind of a log file you can see here in this section and when you go to
account section you have option to for example set you a profile picture or you
can set the notification there are many options you can change say for example
when you want to get the alerts you can also set a passcode here you can set a
four-digit passcode where you can lock this app so this app will open only
when you enter that passcode so this kind of options are available here so I
believe that this session was helpful for you please subscribe infobox those
who are not subscribed yet. you will get the latest updates
from infobox we will be uploading different variety of videos, like
tutorials, informative videos, so we will be coming back with this segment again
with another useful app so till then goodbye


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