Speed-up your website – #1 Web Hosting
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Speed-up your website – #1 Web Hosting

. Hosting is the first of the speed factors
we will look at. There is an old saying that you get what you
pay for. This is very true with hosting. Cheap hosts are notoriously slow. All hosts provide impressive looking specifications
and claims. The problem with hosting is that it’s like
so many other technical considerations. If you are not a techie, then it’s hard to
know how to compare them. There are many factors affecting the speed
of your hosting, and the hardware configuration of the server is one important consideration. This includes the speed and number of processors. How much memory it has,.And if it is using
solid state hard drives. Regardless of the hardware being used, there
is one thing that all cheap hosting has in common. You are sharing a ride with others. On cheap hosting you share the same server
with many other websites. Can you imagine sharing an internet connection.And
somebody is downloading lots of movies.  It will slow down the speed of your internet
connection, and the same can happen to your website when you are sharing a server with
many other web sites. Selecting the right hosting is like selecting
the right vehicle. All will get you from A to B, but If you are using cheap hosting, then you
are driving in the slow lane. Moving to better hosting will often speed
up page load times. When it comes to website speed, even a couple
of seconds can make all the difference.. In the next video we look at how to optimise
your site. If you have any questions about speeding up
your website. Join our FREE internet support group for business.Andask
The Virtual Webmaster. And we will be happy to answer any questions
you have. Look for links below. Need help speeding up your website? The Virtual Webmaster offer a website speed-up
service that will look at all the factors affecting the speed of your website. Get the virtual webmaster to speed up your
website today.

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