SPEECHLESS ft. James Van Der Beek: Hosted by Carly Fleischmann
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SPEECHLESS ft. James Van Der Beek: Hosted by Carly Fleischmann

– (AI) I would like to introduce
you to my first… – Is that Channing Tatum? – (AI) …a boyfriend to many… – Oh, this is awesome, yeah. – (AI) …will dump
his wife to be with me. – (cracking up) – The best talk shows
offer something completely different, and she’s done that. – I want all of you right now
to go and subscribe to Carly and give her loads of support
because she is an amazing human being. – (AI) My next guest
has had girls through his windows. He has ridden on a horse pantless. He has taken the Power Rangers to war. I welcome none other than
the great and phenomenal James Van Der Beek. – How are you doing? – (AI) How about it? Will you take off your shirt
and be my sidekick? – (cracking up) – (AI) I mean, will you sit beside me and be my sidekick without your shirt on? I mean, will you sit beside me topless? I mean, will you be my sidekick? – (cracking up) – I’ll take my jacket off. – (AI) See, that’s more like it. Now you can take off
your shirt any moment now. – (cracking up) – (AI) I have been
watching Dawson’s Creek, but I heard something strange
happened to you after 9/11. I heard that security opened a bag. To their surprise, they found
a different type of Dawson Creek video, which probably made them
question your sexuality for a second. – (laughing softly) – (AI) James, what was
the name of the video and why it was in your bag? – It was a Dawson’s Creek porno and it was, um,
it was entitled Dawson’s Crack. – (AI) James, I know
you’re a great actor, so can you do me a huge favor… – Yeah. – (AI) And show me
an reenactment of your face when the security guard saw your video? – Okay, well, here’s what happened. I was doing a movie
and somebody had bought me the Dawson’s Creek porno as a gift. Because everybody knows
you haven’t really made it in the industry until somebody makes a porno
out of whatever it is that you’re doing, so as soon as I got it,
I could not wait to take it back to North Carolina,
where we were shooting the show, and tell everybody that we’ve made it! We’ve got a porno in our name. I couldn’t wait to bring it
into the hair and makeup trailer. I put it in my bag. It’s right after 9/11.
I get randomly flagged. And the guy goes to look through it… and I don’t think much
of it until he starts to unzip it, at which point I realize there’s a–
not only a porno, but a porno about a show that I’m in. So I think the look on my face
was probably… ♪ (alternative rock) ♪ – ♪ I don’t want to wait ♪ – I just kind of looked
at him like… yep. “It wasn’t a bomb.
Can I go now?” (laughing) – (AI) A proud moment
turned into a shameful moment. – (laughing) – (AI) That’s a typical
Saturday night for me. – (cracking up) Watching
Dawson’s Creek pornos? ♪ (upbeat outro music) ♪


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