SPEECHLESS ft. GRACE HELBIG: Hosted by Carly Fleischmann
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SPEECHLESS ft. GRACE HELBIG: Hosted by Carly Fleischmann

– (Carly) I would like to introduce
you to my first guest. – Is that Channing Tatum? – (Carly) …a boyfriend to many… – Oh, this is awesome, man. – (Carly) …dump his wife to be with me.
– (cracking up) – The best talk shows
offer something completely different, and she’s done that. – I want all of you right now
to go and subscribe to Carly and give her loads of support
because she is an amazing human being. – (Carly) I would like
to introduce you to my next guest. She is a YouTube celebrity,
a pioneer in her field, former talk show host
on the E! Channel, a best-selling author,
and soon to be my producer for Speechless with
Carly Fleishmann, Grace Helbig. – I am so happy that I’m here. Isn’t that the beauty of the internet, that the Fine brothers
showed me your video and then you cut to two months later, and we’re sitting
right here in this room? – (Carly) How about that, Grace? Will you drop all
of the projects you’re working on and come work with me? For the record,
you did say on YouTubers React that if I was looking
for my producer, you were my girl. – (giggling) I did say that. It is documented
and it exists on the internet. If you need an executive producer
on your talk show, Carly, because I am ready and available. – (Carly) As my producer,
what male celebrity do you think I should
interview in a bathtub? – (cracking up)
– (Carly) I am thinking Ashton Kutcher. Or I saw your interview
with Dwayne Johnson. He’d be fun to see in a bath. – Uh, yeah.
– (Carly) Winky face. – I mean, you really said
what we’re all thinking. I don’t think that
there’s anyone out there that doesn’t think
it would be really nice to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a bath. I think you’d probably need
an Olympic sized pool though for him to fit in because
he is a mountain of a man. – I am feeling you on this one.
– (giggling) Maybe soon you’ll be feeling Dwayne! Hey oh! – (Carly) Grace, do you
see yourself as a trendsetter for people who want to become famous? – I think the biggest piece of advice
for anyone that wants to pursue entertainment
or digital creative endeavours is just to make sure that
you’re doing something that you enjoy. I mean, that seems
like something you did. You enjoy Channing Tatum
and asking people kind of compromising questions
and you got to combine the two together! – (Carly) Since Donald Trump
became president, I believe anybody can be president. So since you conquered Hollywood,
I nominate you, Grace Helbig, for president. What would your slogan be? – I think my slogan would be: “Someone more responsible
should definitely be doing this job instead of me.” – (Carly) I think your slogan should be “A vote for Grace is one big vote
for the human race…” – I like the rhyme!
– “And if you don’t vote for her, we’ll throw you in the ocean.” – All right, you know what? It started uplifting and took a turn. – (Carly) I’m going to play
a game with you. I call it “Let’s Bring
It Back Slang-Style.” – (snickering) “Let’s Bring It Back Slang-Style”? – (Carly) I have looked up slang words
from the beginning of the 19th century, and you have to tell me
what the word means. “Duck soup.”
– “Duck… soup”? Duck soup. Just the classic phrase, “duck soup,”
that we all know and love. It’s a community pool. Duck soup. It’s like a YMCA. – (Carly) “Duck soup”
means something easy. – Something easy? Oh, okay. – (Carly) Grace Helbig is duck soup.
– (scoffing) Whoa!
– (Carly) Laugh out loud. A little information for
all those single people out there watching Grace. Smiley face. – Wow, drag me, Carly. Drag me. (laughing) – (Carly) “Bank’s closed.” – Uh, a way to say goodbye
at the end of a date. – (Carly) “Bank’s closed”
means no kissing or making out. – It means no kissing or making out? Wait, I honestly got that correct? – (Carly) Sorry, Grace, bank’s closed. – Whoa! Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. You are such a tease, Carly.
Such a tease. ♪ (end music) ♪


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