• travis wood

    Wish he didn't use his platform to teach as a political soapbox. He unfortunately couldn't help himself to forcing his political opinion on the audience. As a speaker this is a big no no and by the crowds reaction thru most of it he lost half the audience. Maybe he should go to the next room to the public speaking seminar. He had the content but was a very unprofessional in his delivery.

  • Anthony Sole

    The reason the United States thrives is because we are a constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy. Rhetoric is for those who wish to manipulate, policies are for those who lead! Aim to help others, not promote some rhetoric.

  • Sulaiman Dawood

    This was so good! This has actually made me think how as writers we've automatically learnt this way of writing by reading so many classical books by celebrated writers! Still in love with Charles Dickens. <3

  • Alex K

    this guy had my full engagement the whole video. Some of my instructors could stand to learn a few things from him also the dump trump he's a chump rhyme was too freaking funny, im gonna be using that one for sure

  • Runway Fashion Exchange

    Thumbs up until he said dump Trump. I wouldnt like Trump either if I was from Britan and Trump had just leveled the economic warfare Britan has been waging on the US for decades. Self serving, Unnerving, and not politically swerving.

  • Yucong Li

    Interesting method of "being a leader". However this guy appears more like an extrovert. We can't judge people's leadership style by whether adopting these techniques at all as there are certainly introverted leaders who might focus more on how things really are rather than how they drag people's attention. If only there was no sort of "determinator" for "style" for being leaders, the contents and ideas themselves are more worthwhile to be seen.

  • Juan Rios

    That awkward moment where his pro-trump applause was about 30% more than his anti-Trump applause in Verona, Italy.

  • Mauro Belem

    I wonder of those that are listening during the moment he improvised the last words rhymed because the bold guy did not look like he’s having fun

  • michael s

    He does not recite the COMPLETE spelling rule: "I before E except after C, OR when sounded as A, as in neighbor or weigh."

  • diagoumistis

    Trump is your daddy. Why so saddy? He ate your breakfast, he ate your lunch and he ate your dinner. Dont be pissy, vote for Trump, sissy

  • HillCountryHusker

    I guess this is just another example of how TEDx is a crutch for the Socialists agenda. Why must there always be a political agenda in academia these days? Sad.

  • Indoona

    Here's to the gentleman of Verona, the smart-suited tiger in tiger's clothing, the sweet talking, power broking Bugsy Malone of mixed metaphors, the clean shoed walker of dreams (Oh god that's four things…) . Beyond excellent with wonderful warm delivery though we should remember that these are the tools of persuasion to be used for good or bad, and best when mixed with genuine passion, compassion and meaning.

  • Rajaa Shaw

    You said “It’s not an Arab spring it’s an Arab inferno” 😢 and I say “there will be spring there will be rebirth and there will be rejuvenation” 🤲🏼

  • Timothy Sheridan

    ah the tenents of persuasion.. only usefull when you have so thing to say.
    europe and the united states are under attack my thenequater.. ultra fast breeding peoples who do not share our values, religion or genetics. they destroyed theor countries, now flee to take from us. yea for real. PLuS the planet is already full.. its adding carbon all the time.. headed toward carbon asphoxiation. SO we absolutly must i pliment global 2 child per family "incentives". go ahead and have three.. some dont have any.. but the money wont be as good as 2. finally.. the e.u. is dragging its southern states.. trade deficites must be repaid.. not loaned back.. if you share a common currency then its repaid at the end of the year.. or states die. a loan can never be repaid. and interest is even more absurd. portugal, italy spain greece..are loosing money because of the centrality of the german industrial complex.. if you want consumers, you'll need to repay the TINEY trade imbalance.. about 1%. just food for though.. also equality is rubbish. brown people in the u.s. are 20 ti,es more likley to kill whites than reverse.

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