• Jorge Rafael Nogueras

    I love the series, guys! Keep up the good work. ?

    P.S. I totally don't mind the occasional close-ups, but… Does Surma have to be looking away from the camera at an angle? It looks… weird…

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  • Sergey Nakhankov

    I'd like to suggest some improvements to current logic.
    Instead of click event rather add mousedown event this will save about 50-100 ms.
    Also combined with mouseover event we can add prefetching of sources and this allow us show content immediately after click.

  • Sebastian hat Zeit

    Don't you show the result in the browser at all? Or did I miss something? ?

    However, nice video as always ?

  • f266101463

    Once you have many plugins, for a more advanced site, how would you handle the load time issue with all the plugin scripts/styles?

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