[Solved] Unable To Connect To The Proxy Server  (1000% Worked)
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[Solved] Unable To Connect To The Proxy Server (1000% Worked)

welcome back to solve in web I’m Ashok
and in this video I will be showing you how to fix unable to connect to the proxy
server in Windows computer ok friends let’s get started first of all friend you have to open run
command in your Windows computer by pressing “Windows key” and “R” at the same
time and you need to type inetcpl.cpl once again inetcpl.cpl and press ok this will open new window in your computer as a internet
properties and you need to click on connection tab and here you can see LAN
setting button just click on it and this area is main area where you can solve
your problem by doing just simple click now just look at here in proxy server
area proxies in a proxy addresses and proxy port are manually setup so this is
a main problem where you facing problem about unable to connect to the proxy
server for this problem you need to uncheck this one and check in
automatically detect settings and click ok now you are done by this method you
can solve your problem but if it is not yet solved let’s follow another method
in this case sometimes your computer affected by proxy virus and you cannot
change the settings as you did before look at here I am I’m showing demo
about it you did not have any permission to change the setting in proxy area at
this case you need to do in another way ok friends to remove this type of
setting first of all open the run command by pressing Windows key and R
at the same time and type regedit once again regedit
this will open a registry editor look at here in this registry editor you need to
expand HKEY_Current_User and expand software expand Microsoft expand windows expand current version and now you need
to double click on internet settings you need to delete unusual registry to
prevent this type of problem a look at here
first of all you need to delete proxy enable just delete it and now proxy
server delete this also and now double-click on
Run and if you found some suspicious registry then just delete it
ok ok friends now you are done with your troubleshoot and close all the windows
and just check it whether it solve or not and I am sure by doing all this troubleshoot your problem with proxy is definitely solved well friends thanks
for watching and do not forget to subscribe us thank you


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