Sofia Carson is Hosting! | The ARDYs | Disney Channel
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Sofia Carson is Hosting! | The ARDYs | Disney Channel

I’m Sofia Carson,
and I’m hosting “ARDYs”– coming at you live,
which means anything can happen. Who knows?
Maybe there’ll be fireworks. The biggest Disney stars
might show up. Oh. Hey, Meg. Hey, Sofia! What’s up? Just talking about “ARDYs.”
Will you be there? – Could happen.
– Cool. See ya. Maybe we’ll give new meaning
to the word “lit.” Or my biggest fan
could be there. There could be
the ultimate mic drop. ( vocalizing ) There could be a dance battle. Or the audience excitement
might be out of this world. – ( cheering )
– Huh? What? I could reveal
that I’m secretly a unicorn. ( whinnying ) Maybe it’ll rain candy. Blueberry. My favorite. One thing you can
count on seeing? Me. Us.
I’ll see you there.“ARDYs,” a Radio Disney
music celebration.
Sunday, June 16th,
live on Disney Channel.
This is a General Audience


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