Snoop Dogg Tests His Game Show Hosting Skills with Ellen’s Slot Machines
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Snoop Dogg Tests His Game Show Hosting Skills with Ellen’s Slot Machines

We’re back with Snoop Dogg. And he’s hosting a new game
show called “The Joker’s Wild.” So we’re going to play a few
rounds on my slot machine. First we need some contestants,
and we need Jessica Ho, and– [SCREAMING] –Nadine [? Pasaco ?]
and Aday [? Bola. ?] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Hi. Oh! [CHEERING] Ah! Damn. OK. Hi. Hey– hey, Ellen. Hi. I want to say first
and foremost– What? They’ve got hell of a
running skills away. I know. I know. Right here. And they didn’t hit– Yeah. I’m like damn. No, I know. They– they’re– That was major. They’re good at running. I was scared for them, like– It’s really important to be
good runners on this show. You’re Jessica Ho? Yes, I am! All right, Jessica Ho,
you live in Los Angeles? Yes, I do. And you– what do you do
with underprivileged college students? I work with underprivileged
college students, and we pair them up with
mentors so that they can have the
resources to get them through their college career. Good for you. Good for you. All right. And you, Nadine? Yes. Nadine, thank you, please. [INAUDIBLE] You just make yourself at home. Thank you. You are a physician’s
assistant who helps underprivileged kids
who live in low income areas during the holidays. Yes. That’s wonderful, Nadine. And you are? Hi, Aday Bola. It’s Aday? Bola. Aday Bola. You’ve got to say it’s
like it’s Aday Bola. Hey, yes. Yeah. All right, you’re a teacher who
spends your own money to buy supplies for your students. Yes. Now that’s wonderful, Aday. OK, all right. All right, so you will
go first, Jessica. OK. And what you do is
you go over there and you’re going to give it– Right now? Yeah, right now. That’s why you’re here. And so, you’re going
to pull that thing. And let’s see what
you’re going to win, OK? Good luck to you. [DINGING] TCL. You got a Roku TV. Really? Yeah! Yes. [SCREAMING] [APPLAUSE] Oh my god. A brand new TCL television. Come on back. Thank you! All right, now it’s
your turn, Nadine. Nadine, good luck to you. Thank you so much. All right. [DINGING] Oh! It’s cash. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh my god. Oh boy. All right. Nadine, all right. Get your money. Get your money. Get that money. [CHEERING] Get your money. All right. [DINGING] [CHEERING] Uh huh. Make it rain. Make it rain. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Well, we partnered with Cheerios
to inspire 1 million acts of good in the world. We’re going to give you
$10,000 from Cheerios. You can play my real
slot machine in Vegas. “The Joker’s Wild”
premiers October 24 on TBS.

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