‘SNL’ Rewind: Adam Sandler’s Hosting Debut and “Family Reunion,” Tribute to Chris Farley | THR News
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‘SNL’ Rewind: Adam Sandler’s Hosting Debut and “Family Reunion,” Tribute to Chris Farley | THR News

“Let’s go to the ‘Game of Thrones’ side, I’ve got to be honest, I ain’t seen the last episode. I mean, I watched it, but I couldn’t see it. You know it’s dark when you can’t even see the white people.” Instead of its usual politically driven cold opens, ‘SNL’s’ latest installment decided to take on pop culture this time. The NBC show’s first sketch presented a parody of ‘Family Feud’ that pitted two of the biggest franchises existing in pop culture against each other, ‘Game Of Thrones’ against the ‘Avengers.’ Each ‘SNL’ cast member donned costumes resembling some of the popular characters from the HBO show and Marvel film. Kenan Thompson who played Steve Harvey asked a series of hilarious questions based on the franchises but the characters basically spent a majority of the time making quips about their respective show and film.Kate McKinnon, who played Brienne of Tarth, offered this answer when asked what would be on her bucket list: ”Well, I don’t need a lot. I’m kind of a low maintenance girl. Armor, short hair, but uh, Jaime Lannister. One night, three hands, no rules!” And Leslie Jones just had one thing to say as her famous ‘Avengers’ character: ”Bitch, I’m Groot. Melissa Villaseñor showed up halfway through the cold open to save the feud as Night King slayer Arya Stark and Thompson’s Harvey had some thoughts on what her bucket list item would be. ”I saw what you did in that episode. Show me ‘Gettin that booty’! Number one answer!” Hilariously referencing the characters first on-screen sex scene in the HBO show. Meanwhile it was a big night for ‘SNL’ on whole as former cast member Adam Sandler returned to the show for the first time in 24 years to host for the very first time. ”I love seeing old friends and making lots of new friends with the writers and the cast here, and it’s just great to be around their youthful energy. I was 23 years old when I started here.” Despite feeling humbled to return, the comedian was quick to poke fun at his departure by breaking into a song, addressing that the real reason he left: ”I was fired, I was fired, I was fired so sad to tell. Well I never saw it coming, I got fired from ‘SNL.'” In the song, he also made fun of some of the parody songs that defined the early parts of his career including Canteen Boy and the monologue even saw a cameo from Chris Rock. When Sandler asked the fellow former cast member why he left the show he sang: ”Well Adam… I got fired.” Pete Davidson even joined them for the musical monologue with Sandler warning him that he too will be next to be fired. ”Be patient, because it’s coming soon.” The comedian also referenced the funny voices that he frequently did on the show during his tenure, including a callback to his “Hanukkah Song.” ”Where can I do my silly voices now? I never felt so alone.” The host appeared in numerous sketches and brought laughs throughout the night playing a lieutenant in a CNN program where the correspondent, played by Mikey Day, keeps accidentally using Snapchat filters during his on-the-ground dispatch, and the host of an Italian tourism company during a musical short with Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett singing about how clothes are just holes. The host also reprised his Opera Man character on the “Weekend Update” segment riffing on various topics such as Kentucky Derby, Trump and also sang about Joe Biden’s recent misconduct scandal. Other past cast members like Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Wiig also made cameos in the episode, including in a sketch that featured Wiig, Kate Mckinnon and Sandler making out, ‘Lady and the Tramp’-style. Elsewhere, the episode also frequently made references to the growing pool of presidential candidates. McKinnon showed up as Senator Elizabeth Warren during Weekend Update discussing the importance of college debt forgiveness. “When I went to college in Oklahoma, it was affordable. It cost $2.50 a semester.” But Sandler did end the episode on a heartfelt note with musical performance as he sang about his fellow former cast member Chris Farley. The song provided a tribute to Farley’s past characters and sketches, with Sandler going down memory lane of his time spent with Farley. ”You know I’m thinking about, thinking about my boy Chris Farley.” To watch more sketches and clips from the latest episode of ‘SNL,’ head to THR.com. For The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Neha Joy.


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