‘SNL’ Recap: Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Hosting Debut, Taylor Swift Performs ‘Lover’ | THR News

– People often assume that I
am like the character Fleabag, simply because I wrote it. Sexually depraved,
foul-mouthed and dangerous, and I always have to say to them, “Yes.” – Emmy-winning “Fleabag”
creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge made her “Saturday Night Live”
hosting debut this weekend. Of the many hilarious
sketches she appeared in, one of the most talked
about had to be this parody of the popular British
dating show, “Love Island.” – I would like to couple with a guy who’s exactly my type on paper. He’s got tattoos, he’s
got really great banter, and he’s proper fit, but at the same time I’d got with anyone. – [Tiffany] The show kicked
off with Matthew Broderick making a surprise cameo as
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the episode’s cold open. – Listen, listen, I’ve been asking around and I think that this
whole impeachment thing could be really bad. – Who told you that? – Like, America. – Other sketches included
a game show parody called “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” The contestants said
increasingly bizarre things in response to pictures where there was something
obviously out of place. – She posted a death threat on Facebook, now she’s just waitin’
for the likes to roll in. (audience laughs) – There’s a saw in the fridge. – [Tiffany] And this local news sketch where Waller-Bridge portrayed a reporter talking about a recent robbery. – The suspect, described as a white male– – Woo!
– Love it! (audience laughs) – [Tiffany] Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was the show’s musical guest, performing her latest
album’s title track, “Lover.” ♪ You’re my, my, my, my ♪ ♪ Lover ♪ – [Tiffany] T. Swift also
delivered the debut performance of her song “False God.” ♪ We might just get away with it ♪ – For much more from this
weekend’s “SNL,” head to Until next time, for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (mellow electronic music)

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