Sneak Peek: The Rise of Confidential Computing | Mark Russinovich | RSAC 2018
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Sneak Peek: The Rise of Confidential Computing | Mark Russinovich | RSAC 2018

so welcome to the rise of confidence of
computing what I’m going to talk about this afternoon is one of the areas that
we’ve been investing in over several years many years actually which is
leveraging technologies that I’ll describe called trusted execution
enclaves to enhance the security of the platform as we started to develop the
cloud we were out talking to customers and of course one of the key concerns
being security being can the cloud protect my data but the missing piece
has all along been protecting that data wallet CMU’s so let’s talk a little bit
about what trusted execution environments are essentially they’re
containers or black boxes that are protected by some trusted execution
environment provider what we started to see is with the rise of these
technologies as I mentioned trusted execution enclaves or environments that
we could actually put in place these mitigations in a technical way rather
than operational way there’s several examples of trusted execution
environments out there two notable ones the ones that we’re focusing on in Azure
are Intel SGX or software guard extensions and the other one is virtual
secure mode or virtualization based security I’ll talk more about each of
these technologies shortly a lot of the things I’m going to be talking about are
just for general use in confidence or computing and working with industry
partners to kind of standardize and make this ubiquitous and applicable in your
own environments or in the cloud

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