Smithy at Sports Personality of the Year | BBC Sport Relief 2010
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Smithy at Sports Personality of the Year | BBC Sport Relief 2010

Now it’s time for one of the most prestigious awards of the night sports personalities coach of the year gary Thanks sue to present the award for coach of the year i’m delighted to welcome britain’s greatest, ever olympian sir steve redgrave Thank you for joining us assisting This, year has been a fantastic. Year for british sport england qualified, for the world cup With flying colors in cricket, we won the ashes, we have a? British formula one world champion, we have gold medalists in gymnastics cycling and diving, we even had a british heavyweight Boxing world champion and this has all been due to one man a man who often shied, away From the spotlight and many don’t even know that he’s behind most of our magnificent triumphs but tonight, we pay tribute to our coach of the, year smithy Let’s take a look at, who he’s been working with. And what he’s achieved? This, year? Sorry, trying to concentrate ridiculous every time listen To, sweep a few of the countries and they haven’t been up to standards you’re not i mean i’m losing it a little bit there So just no you’re not no lovely, yeah, yeah bit here they’ve got, my, finish school it really not okay? This could be one of our best ones? Oh we’ve got, some pink’s here david we’ve forgotten about, oh? Pink, pink silly, big-nose, yeah, yeah actually you have this plunger you stop be silly billy Yeah, that one in sweden kept on coming us unlike our goal in the first half you could see there’s with June, we just lost concentration, we had to be finland just to give us a chance germany in munich was five months, away don’t you think they’re, amazing, together those two i Think, we’re amazing. A, rustic i love you man i love you Five six seven eight one two three One two three on the right way, one two three that’s it reo a minute chip free any arms 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Great sets in freestyle yes we are yes I’m delighted and honored to present the coach of the year – really inspiration to me smithy thank you This, means the world to me Firstly, i want to thank, fabio, fab la it’s been a pleasure taking you under my wing and you, mean the world to me you and your lorry, look inspirati te amo i Want to thank, my mum and rudy and Pamela and mick gavel, ah of course Mostly i want to thank, my, boy, neil everything i do is to make you proud and Actually i’m sorry i i can’t accept this What is this? This is all wrong this isn’t sport This, is showbiz You, like sitting here in your dicky By, losing you trendy frocks you, don’t care, about winning you only care about about awards and titles i mean Sir steve redgrave Sir steve come on me, what you need a knight had for you roll around in a little, boats, me am i let you, be back at the weekend i Mean dame kelly holmes kelly, you’ve got two gold medals but essentially your job is just running around Running around in circles you, don’t need, a dame huh you’re, not judi dench i mean There’s a proper runner right paula radcliffe you you, do 800 meters she does 26. Miles occasionally You, don’t see her demanding titles and awards there is a true sporting legend and i tell you it’s great to see you porn are You being looked after if people showed you, where the toilets and stuff are not that you knew them really go, where you’re, like, okay? Giggsy, giggsy! Great to see you, my man still hanging in there still going strong What are you now 46 47 it’s going great it’s going great i tell you, what how You, were never picked for england i don’t know. Right it’s a disgrace freddie Freddie freddie freddie freddie freddie freddie Freddie flintoff what’s your real, name andrew whatever? You know what congratulations on the ashes you, did brilliant it was great it’s great to see you out there but you’re Going to give up now, you’re going to stop playing because your knee hurts This is so is he a. Bit poorly yeah being poorly knee i tell you what your arms all right there innit in fact in fact Your, knee your knee looks pretty good when you were shooting that deodorant commercial last Year but banned touching but banned shooting you are a disgrace You, will never give up on your country you let your country give up on you all right talk to steve mcclaren graham taylor you’re A joke! pendleton Mm-hmm, he, was looking fine yeah? You know what you got it? You’ve got it i don’t even know, what it is but you got it yeah? Any time You just want to get together Hang out talk about i don’t know tires or gears The lance armstrong yeah Yeah, yeah you got my digits you hooked me up, okay nice things Amir, amir khan you’re top of your game you are doing great, my son good for you i tell you What i think you need, what i think you need right now at this point in your career is a Catchphrase i’m talking here not a meaner You know a meaner ii seriously frank frank how. Many pantone’s you get off the bucket out 12 13 Honestly, amir you play your cards right you get a catchphrase, this time next, year you could be on strictly yeah, oh? and look, who it is look who it is sebastian cole seb coe lord i bet your please do yourself in sure It’s all going, well yeah you’ve got you got your olympics you’ve got your, little 2012’s all worked out yet feeling pleased with Yourself yeah the traffic getting out of that six it’s already a nightmare Sat there in your suit is lordship i remember when you was just a runner mugging off stevo vets Now, you’re just you just rather rest of this long all er you’ve you’ve lost your way It’s become muddled somehow you’ve, you’ve forgotten What’s important i don’t see a room full of sport in legends here i see a room full of people looking for their next Sponsorship, deal book, deal tv series you, wouldn’t see wt grace to mean himself on ready steady cook Roger bannister wouldn’t have, had a twitter page But perry, bobby, moore duncan, guru, these are true Sporting legends you look, you need to get back to basics Remember, who you are what you are what you stand for? Can, we win the world. Cup, yes we can? Can, we win at wimbledon, yes we can can, we win at the olympics And i’m talking proper medals not just swimming and cycling ones that actually yes in your agents don’t believe in your managers don’t believe in your publicist believe in Yourselves because, we we believe in you and together if we unite? We can, make britain great


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