Smart IoT Singapore 19: The Journey to the Edge
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Smart IoT Singapore 19: The Journey to the Edge

So the edge conversation into 2019 is
really exploding because the kinds of insights that are needed are very
important and the number of sheer devices is just growing as we go into
2020 we’re looking at 20 billion devices worldwide that’s like you know 1 in 4 devices for every person and cloud computing is very mature but we’re now
seeing a edge AI, edge vision computing and edge analytics growing as well so 2019
seems the right time to place some of these bets. So the race to the edge will
affect both cloud providers and IOT providers so looking from the outside in
buyers of these services and these products will look for edge providers
that have a good cloud back end so that they can invest and integrate. Providers
of the cloud will also start to produce edge based solutions so
they can be all-in-one for their customers and you know help prevent them going looking elsewhere. We may see that the edge providers and the IOT providers
are able to generate more revenue streams and more profitability kind of
like the sort of the Netflix and the telcom model but that remains to be seen. So why will the edge grow faster than the clouds well firstly we’re seeing a
lot of IOT vendors investing in this space and building products that extends the edge. Secondly system integrators are
spending a lot of time in getting a lot of work helping companies get faster and
using those insights to generate better business outcomes so will one grow
faster than the other its kind of symbiotic but what we’re going to see is the more
visible part is those edge experiences that happen more at the haptic and
consumer level. So good message for IT strategies look if you’re a provider
make sure you’re able to extend your solution out to the edge provide an
all-in-one service be able to capitalize upon intense computer the edge also with
cloud services in the backend if you’re a buyer of services and you want to go
fast go with a full stack solution if you want to go more complex look for an
outside that can help you then when you want to scale it take it in-house and
move it that way I I like the idea that the mindtree has
done in India with its Gladius IOT platform what they did is they had a
whole bunch of IOT devices including video and they use that video to plan
their rental prices on on real estate they also used it to
calculate where the best places or promotions and activities were and the
key thing about that is as they were capturing data locally they had to
context then they had the footfall they used the metadata to send to the cloud
for processing so that solves your privacy and your bandwidth constraints and
it also means that the the core and the edge can be true differently different
times so you’re not losing opportunities as the market evolves.

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