SizeGenetics Real Review 2019 l What Results Can You Expect?
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SizeGenetics Real Review 2019 l What Results Can You Expect?

hey everyone how’s it going welcome to my sizegenetics review and this review I’m gonna break down how sizegenetics helped me I use it for eight months four hours a day and you can get amazing results like I did I’m gonna break down what it is how it works my story and everything you need to know and some helpful tips to really get you going with sizegenetics so please make sure to subscribe to this video for more views like this one and be sure to like and comment as your feedback is very important to me and I want to deliver the best reviews with the best information so first make sure to check out my full review and the information on sizegenetics and the link below now you might be asking what is sizegenetics well sizegenetics is a penis extender that works by extending the size of your penis it’s a type one medical device it also is FDA approved it’s clinically tested and it’s doctor approved so you know it’s thumbs up and they’ve been selling it since 2001 been on the market for quite a while now why did I use sizegenetics why was i interested because unfortunately I was born with an average-sized penis about five and a half inches and the problem with that is I wasn’t really able to satisfy my partner during sex when I was on top I couldn’t penetrate her the way I wanted and it didn’t make me feel good it made me feel like less of a man made me feel frustrated and I wanted to have better results I wanted to have a better penis size because honestly that was something that always made me insecure now a lot of my guy friends and guys these days will do anything to increase their penis size as they’re always talking about it they’ll try a lotion and potion though try pills they’ll try everything under the Sun and honestly I didn’t want to do that because a lot of these medications seem to have more problems and cause more bad side effects and they actually helped now a lot of people will try surgical effects or doing surgery and I didn’t want any surgery down there I was scared about that even more than the medication so I looked around and I said there has to be a reasonable solution to the problem there has to be something I can do to increase the size of my penis without having to injure myself or take medication or do anything else and that’s when I started looking at extenders from recommendation for a friend I said hey extenders does this really work and I looked at a lot of them until I found size genetics now let’s get into the details of the story now it was about 22 I got my first girlfriend right after college now the problem was we really liked each other but when I got to the bedroom I couldn’t perform the way I wanted and even though she didn’t say it I knew she thought less of me or she didn’t think of me as much of a man even though she really wouldn’t say it and and people would joke and talk about the size of my penis I was really it was really hurtful because as a man that’s really one of the hallmarks that’s really one of the things that you can feel super insecure about super bad about and when we would have sex and this is really tough details to talk about when I was on top of her I couldn’t penetrate the whole way I couldn’t satisfy her the way I want and I was afraid of losing her that’s when a friend told me about extenders and I looked around I looked around because a lot of my friend other friends were trying weights or trying these weird things or going search her knee or taking these medications and a lot of them had really bad side effects and I didn’t want any of that I wanted to make sure I was doing something safe so I found in size genetics and I was interested I wasn’t sure about it said an extender this is weird now I did check it to make sure as I said that it was fda-approved that was clinically tested that it really did work and doctors really did approve of it that was a type one medical device so I tried sizegenetics for eight months four hours a day I had to really be patient I’m used to instant results as I said you know take a pill do this do whatever and then you get results so I just am NOT accident work like that I really had to work with it for eight months do warm-ups for hour make sure I applied it and the worst part is I almost gave up but I talked myself out of it I went through with it and now I’m amazed because after eight months four hours a day of following instructions not giving up going through that my penis size did increase two and a half inches in length and about a half inch in girth and this is all from following instructions going through the eight months four hours a day and really putting time and understanding that hey this device works yes it’s doctor approves it’s clinically tested it does work but you have to be patient and you can see my results below before and after pictures now here’s some tips as I talked about if you’re interested in getting this or some pros and some cons and once way them as I said the pros are it is doctor approved it is clinically tested it really does work it’s a type one medical device and it’s a safe way of increasing the size of your penis now the cons are you have to be patient you really have to be patient this isn’t take a pill a couple times and it works it does take time and it can be expensive now let me give you four tips to reiterate what I said really really drive this home so to really make sizegenetics work for you tip one really recommend this do some warmups I did some gel Qin I did some exercises before I got the extender on my penis so that I make sure it really works and I had it eight months four hours a day second is really follow the instructions a lot of people don’t want to fall instructions and just fling it don’t do this won’t work as well third don’t give up I almost did if you don’t give up you will see results if you keep working towards it number four you can use something like extends or verdicts to help the size of your penis out those are pills for enhancement also make sure to check out my full review on sizegenetics in the link in the description below thank you for watching

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