SiteGround Hosting Review  – Best WordPress hosting?
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SiteGround Hosting Review – Best WordPress hosting?

If you’re thinking about setting up a
WordPress website and need hosting, or if you want to move from your current
hosting provider, I’m going to review SiteGround Hosting.
I’ve been with them for about a year now,
and I’ll share the good, the bad,
and everything else you need to know. Stay tuned. Hi,
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I make tech and social media easier for awesome entrepreneurs like yourself.
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video. SiteGround is a website hosting company
headquartered in Bulgaria. They offer a range of hosting plan
suitable for small businesses, whether you’re a blogger,
bricks and mortar business, professional service provider,
e-commerce store, and they also have options that scale
for larger business and enterprise hosting as well.
I moved my websites to SiteGround over a year ago.
If you’re interested in signing up with them,
I’ve put a link to them in the description.
Here’s what I love about SiteGround hosting,
pain-free website migration. When I moved from my previous web
hosting provider to SiteGround, migrating my existing websites was
painless; literally,
everything migrated smoothly without any hiccups. They took care of the whole process and
communicated with me at each stage of the transfer,
so I was never nervous about what was happening with the migration.
Most website hosting providers offer free website migrations,
but not all migrations go seamlessly, so it was a great start to have the
website migration problem-free with SiteGround.
Amazing support. One of the main reasons I’ve moved from
my previous hosting provider was due to their atrocious customer support.
There’s nothing worse than having something go wrong on your website and
then waiting an hour to talk to someone from your hosting provider about it,
only to have them refer you to a knowledge article on their website.
Or to be told that you need to get a web developer to fix it because it’s out of
their remit. It’s extremely,
extremely frustrating. With SiteGround,
their customer service is literally the best I’ve ever encountered for a hosting
provider. They are available through a ticket
based system, live chat,
and 24/7 telephone support. Every agent I’ve dealt with has been
quick to respond, highly knowledgeable in helping me
resolve the issue and really pleasant to deal with as well.
SiteGround provides hosting support beyond related issues to hosting.
They also help out with WordPress and other CMS-related issues as well.
Their support really is 10 out of 10. Free SSL certificates.
SSL means when you visit a website an encrypted link is created between the
website and your browser. It’s the S in https,
S meaning it’s secure. In the past,
you only needed SSL if your business accepted credit cards or any other
sensitive details. Now having SSL is a factor in Google’s
search ranking algorithm and Google Chrome also alerts users that your site
is not secure if you accept any information at all,
even an email address. SSL isn’t free with all hosting
providers, and the cost varies between providers as
well. SiteGround offers unlimited free SSL
certificates on all accounts. It was also really easy to install,
a few clicks from your cPanel and it’s all done.
Super fast hosting. SiteGround servers are optimised for
speed, and they’re equipped with the latest
hardware and software to ensure your website loads quickly.
With my previous hosting provider, I used to get emails and messages from
my audience about how slow my pages were loading.
With SiteGround, I haven’t had any complaints about my
website speed. You want a fast loading website because
it’s a better user experience and Google has also indicated that website speed is
one of the signals used by their algorithm to rank pages.
High uptime. SiteGround guarantees an average 99.99%
uptime, which is impressive by any standard and
they live up to it. If they failed to provide this,
then they will provide you with an account credit.
You are able to monitor uptime from inside your customer area.
To put it into perspective, 99.99% uptime means your site may be
down for about four hours in any six month period,
but I haven’t needed to worry about my website not being available.
Over the last 12 months, SiteGround has consistently upheld their
promised uptime. Over the last 12 months,
SiteGround has consistently upheld their promised uptime.
Here’s what I don’t like about SiteGround because no one can be
perfect, right?
Yearly billing. SiteGround only offer monthly billing
for their larger hosting plans for cloud hosting and dedicated server accounts.
For the shared plans such as StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek the minimum
subscription period is one year. A lot of businesses like to pay monthly
to ease cash flow, so I thought the yearly billing was a
little bit annoying, but they do give you such a competitive
price for the yearly fee that it didn’t bother me too much. No coupon codes.
If you Google, SiteGround coupon codes,
you won’t find one because they don’t currently allow for coupons or promo
codes when purchasing from their site. They do have various discount deals
during the major holidays, which you can watch out for.
Money back guarantee, only within 30 days.
SiteGround’s refund policy is that you have 30 days to request a refund after
purchasing a plan with them. After that,
they don’t do pro-rata refunds if you choose to leave them.
Limited storage space. Compared to other web hosting providers,
SiteGround’s storage space is a little on the small side.
With the StartUp plan, you get 10 gigs of web space,
which is suitable for about 10,000 monthly website visitors.
If you need more, the GrowBig plan gives you 20 gigs of
web space which suits sites that receive around 25,000 monthly visitors.
I’m personally on the GrowBig, and I haven’t had any issues with it. If you want to upgrade from GrowBig,
the GoGeek plan gives you 30 gigs of space.
SiteGround recommends this plan for websites that get around 100,000
visitors every month. If you’re larger than that,
you’re better suited with their cloud hosting or dedicated server plans.
Overall, would I recommend SiteGround?
Yeah. Yeah,
I would. SiteGround is perfect for solopreneurs
and small business owners who need a reliable web hosting service and
competent and responsive customer support.
SiteGround’s pricing is pretty much on par with most web hosts.
They pride themselves in customer service,
speed and security, and you might experience over the last
12 months they’ve lived up to the expectation,
and I do think they are one of the best hosting providers on the market.
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