Siteground Discount Coupon Code 2019
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Siteground Discount Coupon Code 2019

Siteground Discount Coupon Code. Hey guys, Bryan with WP Cupid Blog and in
this video, I’m going to be offering you a Siteground discount coupon. To get this awesome Siteground discount code
just click the link, I provided below in the description, and you don’t need to do anything
else to get the Siteground coupon discount. It is automatically applied by visiting the
link. You will get Siteground hosting for as low
as $3.95 a month, and unlimited free SSL Certificates with this Siteground coupon. Click the link below in the description, and
it will take you to the page you see here which is the Siteground web hosting plans
page. You’ll three different plans the startup,
growbig, and go geek plan. You’ll see the regular price under the Siteground
discount price. As you can see you’ll be getting a great Siteground
discount. The most popular plan is the growbig plan. This plan is good if you plan on having or
you do have one website or more. The startup plan is a great plan too if you
are just starting out or you only need Siteground hosting for one site. You can easily scale up to another plan whenever
you need too. Select the plan you would like. Click the get started button. You’ll now be on the choose a domain page. If you need to register a new domain name
just enter in the domain, you would like to have. If you already have a domain name select that
option and put in the domain that you already own. If you are registering a new domain name and
it isn’t available it will let you know. If it is available, it will let you know. The next step is to put in your account information
in. Next, put in your information for the client
information section. Once you do that put in your payment information
in. Next, you’ll see purchase information. If for some reason you need to change the
plan click the square box with arrows to change it. You’ll see data center. By default, it’ll choose the data center closest
to you. Click the grey box with the arrows to see
the other data centers and change if you need too. Next, you’ll see period. Click this to choose how long you want to
purchase your Siteground hosting plan for. You can choose one month trial, 12, 24, or
36 months. I’d recommend not selecting the one month
trial period as you’ll be spending a lot more money as there is a setup fee involved as
well. Then you’ll have to purchase Siteground hosting
for at least 12 months after that. Up to you though. You’ll see you are getting a great Siteground
discount under the hosting price. Next, you’ll see extra services. You’ll see the domain registration fee, domain
privacy I recommend you select that as this will keep your personal contact information
safe. By choosing this, your information will show
Siteground’s information. By not going with this you can get a lot of
annoying calls and emails from telemarketers trying to sell you their business services. Next, SG Site Scanner. This is a daily site scanner that will scan
your website to let you know if it has been hacked or there is malware on the site. If you plan on using WordPress for the site
platform for your site, there are free alternatives that work just the same. This option is up to you though. You can always add any of these features at
a later date if you would like too. Next, agree to the terms and conditions. Select if you want Sitreground news and special
offers sent to your email address and click the pay now button. You have successfully purchased Siteground
hosting with the Siteground coupon discount. A little disclosure, the link is an affiliate
link. I’ll receive a commission which helps support
this channel and helps us put out WordPress tutorial videos on a regular basis. Enjoy your Siteground Coupon Code Discount. Alright guys, thanks for watching. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe
to our channel for more WordPress video tutorials. Leave us a comment we love hearing from you.


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