Site24x7: Linux Server Monitoring from the Cloud
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Site24x7: Linux Server Monitoring from the Cloud

Introducing Site24x7 Server Monitoring from the cloud. Ensure high uptime and
performance of your Physical Virtual and Cloud Servers. Site24x7
supports monitoring of your Windows, Linux, Cloud Servers and VMware. Gain insight into Linux server status,
understand usage patterns, view critical information in a single
dashboard and be notified instantly of performance
degradations. Monitor overall CPU utilization and keep tabs on interrupts and context switches. This
innovative tool lets you gain insight into memory usage, disk usage and network interface
utilization with helpful graphs and charts. You can configure thresholds
for mission-critical processes and stay alerted if the metric exceeds
set values. View outage reports, schedule maintenance windows and add
comments to track reasons for outages. Configure alerts based on a whole
variety of parameters. Monitor your server status on the move
using the free Site24x7 iPhone and Android app. Installing the
Linux agent is simple. Download the Linux agent by copying the
command and pasting it into the terminal on your computer, authenticate the
download by running the change permission command, finally just run the install agent
command. It really is that simple. You can also
install multiple Linux agents using the Site24x7 cookbook from Chef community. The agent will then
collect data from your server and display the metrics in a single user-friendly dashboard. Sign up for
Site24x7 Server Monitoring Now!

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