Site launch: Connecting to custom domain — The Freelancer’s Journey (Part 38 of 43)
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Site launch: Connecting to custom domain — The Freelancer’s Journey (Part 38 of 43)

So, when the site is ready to go live we want
to connect a custom domain. Now, this can vary from client to client. It usually helps to figure out who the client’s
domain registrar is, this is where their domain is parked. Google Domains, GoDaddy, Namecheap, there
are tools you can use to help you do this. Now, Hayes Valley is using Google Domains. Their domain registrar is Google Domains. We’re going to log in to Google Domains
with Rebecca’s log in, and in domain overview, we can see their current site. Now, while we’re going to cover this for
Hayes Valley, this can really vary. So we have a full article and separate video
on connecting a custom domain on Webflow University, so check that out if you want some more clarity
on this. We’ll start by going to DNS. And that’s it for now. Let’s go back over to our project. And we can go up here to project settings,
hosting tab, and we’ll want to make sure we’ve added a hosting plan. And once we verify that, we can add our custom
domain. We just go to Hayes Valley Interior Design
dot com. Click add domain. Now, after you press that there’s a lot
of information that will appear on the screen. That’s okay. We’re going to follow option one, right
here. We’re going to add two A records. And, what we’ve done ahead of time, is we’ve
cleared out our resource records. You may have for your client, a ton of resource
records, and that’s okay. But we can only have two resource records
that are A records, that point to a host, that point to a name of at. If you have other A records pointing elsewhere,
that’s okay, but you can only have two that are A records that point to a name of at. And what we’ll do is we’ll grab, we’ll
grab this first IP address and click it, that’s going to copy it to our clipboard. Back to Google, we’ll paste. That’s the first one, and the second one,
we’ll just press that little plus button. Go back, grab the second IP address, that
second value, back over, and paste. We have both of those, two A records, that
point to a name of at. We’ll hit add. We’re two thirds done. Let’s go back and grab our CNAME record. This is the CNAME record, the name of www,
and it points here, let’s copy that. We’ll go and add CNAME, points to www, and
add. So, this is what we have on our screen now. Again yours might look very different, especially
if you’re using a different registrar. We recommend taking a look at that full article
before making any changes, and always back up these resource records. Take a screenshot, write them down, whatever
you need to do, before you modify any DNS records. Let’s go back over to our hosting tab, and
we’ll hit check status. Check status. Now, it says issues detected. That’s okay. Sometimes this can take a few moments before
it goes through. And on first try it says issues detected,
it can take a moment for it to go through. We can press again, and now it says connected. Let’s choose our default. We’ll choose the www version as the default
here. So, from here, we can go back to the designer. We can do this from the dashboard, but we’ll
go back to the designer. We can take a look at our site. When we go down to publish, it’s still on
the staging domain, we can un-publish that or we can uncheck that so we’re not publishing
those changes there. But at any point we can check here, and publish
to Hayes Valley Interior Design dot com. We’re not going to right now. One quick consideration to make, is that if
we’re switching from that staging domain, or we don’t want that staging domain to
be visible to search engines, we can go over to SEO and make sure that disable Webflow’s
subdomain indexing is enabled. That’s a fancy way of saying that Google
and other search engines are going to be told not to look at, not to consider the information
that’s on this staging domain, Hayes Valley dot So, whenever we’re ready, we can go to publish,
and publish our site. But, that’s it. We’ve set the custom domain and we can now
publish the site for the world to see.

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