Simcenter Amesim – Introducing multi-domain system simulation
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Simcenter Amesim – Introducing multi-domain system simulation

Hi, I’m Nicolas Orand with Siemens PLM Software. Today, I will introduce you with our mechatronic
system simulation platform. LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim is an integrated
simulation platform, aimed at accurately predicting the behavior of intelligent systems. This tool set gives you the ability to model,
simulate and analyze complex systems of multi-domain nature in relation to controls designs, which
supports your work in assessing and validating control strategies. By combining the best mechatronic systems
simulation tools, and application expertise, LMS Amesim helps you make the right choices
earlier in the design process, and to obtain higher quality results in a shorter time. This approach allows the frontloading of verification
and validation, and leads to considerable time and costs savings. LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim features powerful analysis
and optimization tools, which assimilate to an advanced, yet easy-to-use environment for
multi-domain system simulation for robust design. Using multi-port modeling of physical components
and a block diagram approach for control systems, all libraries can be coupled within a comprehensive
workflow. Various scripting and customization capabilities
provide seamless integration of LMS Amesim within your existing design processes. Being open and flexible, the LMS Amesim platform
efficiently interfaces with many 1D and 3D CAE software solutions and helps you quickly
generate models for various use cases, from early system definition to controls validation. LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim is a scalable tool. The model complexity can vary from simple
map-based models to fully detailed physical models, depending on the application need
and the availability of data. The software contains physical domain libraries for fluids, thermodynamics, electrics, electro-mechanics, mechanics and signal processing. These libraries include over 4500 ready-to-use
application components, for automotive and ground vehicle, aerospace and mechanical industries. They are used to design more eco-friendly
and better vehicles, more reliable aircrafts and space systems, or simply to investigate
the complex interaction between multiple physical aspects in machines. LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim, part of the model-based
systems engineering enabling platform LMS Imagine.Lab, fits within the global LMS solutions
portfolio of Siemens PLM Software, which also features a high-end finite element solver
suite, LMS Samtech, 3D functional performance engineering software, LMS Virtual.Lab, Testing
software, LMS Test.Lab and data acquisition frontends from the renowned LMS SCADAS family. These soft- and hardware solutions are complemented
by LMS Engineering, offering consultancy services, ranging from troubleshooting to technology
transfer projects, co-development and full program management. Thank you for watching. Please, visit the product pages on the website
for more detailed information.

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