• Douglas McKalip

    The short answer is yes. Branding is very important and for small businesses your image is an important part of your brand. If you are 'brick and mortar' you should have appropriate signage and a clean storefront. If you run trucks they should be clean and have magnetic signs as a minimum. If you work out of your trunk, a logo shirt and business card show you care about your image in the marketplace. . . . . and if you are online a nice website, LinkedIn page and vanity email address separates us from the "fly by night" guys.

    Love your videos. Thank you.

  • AXgamesoft

    Because of our limited knowledge of the world, we use heuristics to figure out how to best approach situations. Having a professional email, or answering a call with the name of the company, or having a van with the name of the firm, all of these are part of what will be factored-in positively when we apply heuristics.

  • Wroolie Mechanical

    I have my domain and use it for email address. I don't have a website and haven't used any social media of any kind. As a self employed tradesman I always too worried I'll get too busy and not be able to meet the demand.

    Oh and never go for the guy in the suit when your talking about a tradesman. Contracting with the salesman is almost always the most expensive way to go. You may or may not get great service but you definitely will pay the premium regardless.

    Pick tradesman #2 and hope he has a ponytail!

  • TechXSoftware

    if you can afford it, yes. It allows you to change email hosts when ever you want, and clients will always know the email because you never need to change.

  • Sparta Pros

    I think it's great to have a website but not necessarily every company does that but for someone who have strong online presence will get the opportunity to acquire potential customers or clients.
    Also it's important to visit clients in person to know.

    Companies who don't have any website they might have offline business.But I don't think just because you don''t have a website means you're not professional because there potential customers never exist online but they exist offline.

  • Learn To Master

    Having a proper domain email address looks more professional. (Nice reminder. I'd better update my contact info!). On another point, Eric. Are you having success with rewarded ads? I tried it a few months ago, and it was really popular with users, but hardly made anything to justify continuing it.

  • Jeff Johnson

    A software development company should have a website. It provides a place to display your company's product portfolio and client reviews and instills confidence in prospective clients. Email to that domain can be forwarded to a different email account if desired. These days, I would be skeptical of a company without at least a website, LinkedIn, or Facebook presence.

  • MEF

    I get contacted half a dozen times a week through my website from "SEO specialists" that use generic email addresses (like gmail). An SEO company that doesn't have their own domain?! NOPE!! They get marked as spam/blocked and deleted. The return address is the first thing I check before investing time in reading it.

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