Should you use your Host Agency website?
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Should you use your Host Agency website?

In this video I’m going to share with
you why you absolutely need your own branded website as a travel agent even
if you have a great host agency website. Whether you’re a travel agent that works
for someone else or you work independently for yourself, whether you
have a bricks and mortar location or you work from home you need to have your own branded website and this can supplement your host agency site, if you have one.
The reason that it is critical that you have your own branded website is
threefold. Number one and I should state so I just got married and I still have
my wedding henna on so if you see my hands that’s what you’re seeing, they did a
beautiful job starting to wear off but that’s my wedding henna. Okay
back to business, here’s why you need your own branded website. Number one , if you ever choose to leave your host agency which may happen as you grow and evolve your business you may find that a different host agency is a better fit
for you you need to have your own website your own branded website and be
in control of your destiny, whether you work for somebody now and then you
decide later not to or maybe you’re working independently now and later you
do go under someone else’s umbrella you need to be in control of your own
destiny. Have a brand that you have built under your name, your identity, you’ve
built your clients so no matter what capacity you’re currently working in and
what capacity you work in in the future, you are in control of your destiny. You
have your clients you have your brand, you have your following and you have an
income stream and then you can move and groove and work in whatever capacity is
going to best serve you at that particular time in your life. When
you have your own branded website your client base you actually have a
sellable asset. This is something that a lot of travel agents don’t realize they
think their business isn’t sellable but should you choose to retire or change
careers you actually have a sellable asset by having a branded website and
email list, a client base, a following that is an asset that is worth something
and I won’t get into all of the details around that in this video but that is
another benefit of having your own branded website in addition to that the
third reason is you have full control over it and can make sure that your
website is effective from a marketing standpoint. I have yet to see a host
agency website that is an effective marketing website that’s actually
designed to attract dream clients and convert them into paying clients. Your
website needs to have some key elements on it in order to do that and host
agency sites tend to not have those key elements and to not be very customizable
we have a fantastic website package available exclusively for travel agents
that is affordable and highly effective from a marketing standpoint it’s built
on a template therefore we have a fast turnaround time and that’s what helps
make it affordable however it is one hundred percent customizable so the
sky’s the limit as far as how gorgeous and unique you can make your website and
your website can grow and evolve with you as you and your business grows and
evolves so we’re going to design the website to work for you for years to
come no matter where this industry takes you and what capacity you working in the
future how big you get or how small you want to keep your business and how you
may evolve your niche and your ideal client avatar. Your website can grow with
you because it is one hundred percent customizable. Also the type of website that you can go in and easily make changes to
yourself and we even set you up with really easy to follow tutorial videos
that show you how to do that to get all of the details about our fantastic
website package available exclusively for travel agents come on over to and in the upper navbar you’ll see offerings
click on that and there’s a drop down menu that says website package head on
over there and check out our website package. (Currently long wait-list)
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quick tip for getting more clients thank you for watching and I’ll see you next


  • Michael Trejo

    Thank you Heidi! Great video. I agree. You MUST have your own website, but things can get complicated fast.

    When you signup with a host agency they provide an agent site. That site ( has all the tools you need to conduct business, including search and booking functionality for clients. Sure, most host agencies recommend you point your site ( to their agent site (redirecting), but there are multiple issues with this option.

    For starters, your customers will be confused and ask why they are taken to a different site. More importantly, this is not a good idea if you are attempting to build your brand.

    With redirection, your site essentially has no content and therefore Google will not index it. As far as all the SEO benefits are concerned, the host agency will get all the benefits. You can forget about organic search results.

    The other option is to redirect and mask, but it is essentially the same as above, except clients will think they are always on your site. What are your thoughts?

  • Greg Custer is really the best solution, as it includes CONTENT about the destinations/brands you sell to your customers.

  • Brandon Lile

    I use agent studio due to the company I started with but I also use squarespace to build a website that's eye catching.

  • Sunny T.

    Hi. What will happen to your repeated clients that you booked for through host agency website if you decided to build your own brand when leaving host agency?

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