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Shared Web Hosting, by

There was no out of the box solution that
provided what we wanted. We set the standard for a lot of it. We build
it in house we customize it in house. That give us the control to rapidly address
any sort of hardware issues or upgrade needs because we stock everything we need to maintain
and upgrade our servers in house. Everything we do is pretty much open source.
We want open source because we’ve got the power to make changes. We don’t have to wait
on a vender to decided this is important enough to us that we’ll integrate it into the code.
We say no this is important to us now. This is important to our customers.
There are some huge advantages to shared hosting if you can get it from the right company.
If you can get it from a company that allows you to install your own software that allows
secure shell access and some of these other nice things that bluehost totally does. Than
all of the sudden you have a platform that someone else takes care of.
We do monitoring on a lot of different scales. I mean we look for active problems on the
box but we also proactively look for patterns that suggest that trouble is coming. So the
customers aren’t effected by a new hack coming down the line.
And that again give us much more control over the environment to give a better experience
to our end users. Our shared hosting really is a tremendous
deal even for people that have the ability to run their own servers.


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