Shared Hosting Tips in Czech Republic
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Shared Hosting Tips in Czech Republic

Hi, Albina! Hello! Could you
introduce yourself and tell about your group of companies? Of course,
I represent the company Czech Republic, we are the domain registrar worldwide. Our company
owns several projects such as, Regtons registry, and so on. Each project is dedicated
and aims to certain market for example, is more like for sub-registrars, Regtons registry and the Regtones project is for resellers.
The project Regtons registry is a brand new one. Project that provides
opportunity for those who want to present themselves on the market not as a registrar, but already as a registry. meaning, we provide and such. We also have a project – it’s the registration of domains in Ukraine, it’s such a door for us as for Czech company into the Russian-speaking markets.
Meaning, you are presenting there hosting and are a registrar at the same time. Could you tell a little about the particular qualities of
domain registration in the Czech Republic, as far as it’s hard to become a registrar and what kind of
general rules exists? Of course. As for how to
become a registrar, generally registration of domains in the Czech Republic for the end
users, is different from classic, that is customary in
Russia or in those states, post-Soviet countries. How it is different?
Registration in the Czech Republic is more European already and does not require all those papers, that bureaucratic paper
work that is required in our states. Change of ownership or renewal is a little easier, yes? I will tell, what is the main difference
and benefit for us, which simplifies work for us, as registrar and for end users?
That they have everything automated, i.e. end user, for example, you are Filip, you want to renew a domain, this is done literally in few minutes, you just send a request, it is processed automatically, i.e. you don’t have to wait. This simplifies our work as for a registrar. for
our support department and of course for you, i.e. You do not need
to wait. The same goes for transfer domains and all other transactions. And if
comparing with Ukraine for example? As for Ukraine,
for example, 5 years ago let’s say, it was pretty complicated. They
required a lot of paperwork not even accepting electronically, i.e. it was necessary to send, normal transfer or change of ownership—everything had to be signed on the paper and sent by regular mail and it wasn’t even a fact that it was going to reach recipient unsealed and safe. We know about such things 🙂 As for
now, they are transferring to this European model that simplifies, clearly, our work and things for
our customers and we are very happy about it. We hope that they will be in this
progress and they will have everything automated, it will work fast,
efficient and easy both, for us as for the registrar and for
our clients. In Czech Republic, what support is wanted: in Russian, in English, or in
Czech? As for the Czech Republic, if it’s a czech client or for example
customers of the neighboring state, like Slovakia
(they understand Czech), so support is in Czech language if it’s
Russian-speaking clients, of course they expect when there’s a man in support who can speak Russian or if from Ukraine –
Ukrainian language. English language, classics, everyone understands, but
there is an age difference in those. If someone doesn’t understand,
then you need the person who can explain it to him. How many .cz domains
are registered approximately? Is there at least a million domains? 200 thousand? More? More than 300+ thousand. Roughly, more than 300+ thousand
Czech domains. And I wanted to ask, when people buy domains, they ask for support, Is this support mostly 24/7 or
business hours is enough? Of course they want support 24/7, and
weekends, days and nights, in the rain and in the storm, a man who will always answer their questions and help! Also, they like using social networks for obtaining support help, like Facebook, Instagram, so that you have there
a man who constantly sits and responds on their requests, on problems or just help, advise what to do in
any situation. About the currency – you have one currency in the country is easy for everyone, it’s clear? In the Czech Republic itself, there are Czech koruna, also we accept euro, american dollar, Czech koruna. And payments are done via what
payment gateways? Which one is popular? Bank transfer, or is it cash? Online payments, cards, bank transfers, if no other possibility, Paypal. If this is a Russian-speaking market or client, then it’s WebMoney, this is what they use and want, also Cryptocurrency, but currently it’s not
very popular. Is Czech market still growing or is it already
full, and Shared Hosting has nowhere to grow? It grows and it
evolves, also they are starting to go outside beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Now big potential is seen in Russian speaking markets, because it is a
big problem for European nation to enter this market without knowing languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, etc. It is very hard, that’s why they are now working on it, also for them
Africa is such an interesting market which is also developing in this
direction and follows the latest trends, let’s say so, And people from the Czech Republic, they prefer to buy hosting in the Czech Republic, or still trying to get it somewhere in Amsterdam, in Germany, somewhere where it’s super mega developed or? Depends on
customer preferences, someone buys in the Czech Republic,
someone outside, it’s European Union, therefore
noone really distinguishes the difference if it is bought in Germany, in the Czech Republic, or in
Amsterdam – as if in one country for them.
How often global brands are advertising in the Czech Republic? Like
Hosting Europe, GoDaddy, Wix – such big guys, do you often see their ads in the Czech Republic or it is more like an exception? This is an exception! You don’t often see ads. A person working in the industry, of course will know about it but there’s no big advertising
marketing company. What is the average price for Shared Hosting in
Czech Republic? Around 50 korunas. It is roughly speaking around few euros or dollars? Yes, a couple, like 2-3 dollars. Do people prefer cheap hosting or do they still want more quality? Are these guys price buyers
who will do everything to and take the cheapest hosting or they still compare and
can take more expensive, where the quality is better? Different customers exist, for ones
the quality is paramount and they willing to pay any price just the
quality to be on high level, but also there are those for whom the price, is the main point,
the cheaper the better. It depends on customers Are website builders very
popular in the Czech Republic or they are only beginning their way? Very popular, and popular? Because not every person can create his own site from scratch. It requires certain skills and abilities, therefore such companies are very popular in general
in whole Europe. Could you say a little bit about your company’s know-hows, why or what your Shared Hosting or your registrar, why the group of your
companies stands out in the market? Some of your know-hows, that,
others might not have? I’ll probably start with the fact that we were the first Czech company
generally in the Czech Republic, which received ICANN accreditation, it was in the distant
2010, so showed up on the market with the point that we are the first registrar
and everyone already knew about us. Our last know-how is the development of the Regtons registry, we are providing not as a registrar, but as a registry for certain endings. Our latest know-how is our white labeling system and AnyCast. Could you tell a little about what white label is, what exactly do you mean? This is firstly
directed to resellers and for large companies i.e. we provide them
full package, in order to become a registrar and enter this market. Roughly speaking, so that they can be
Registrars under their own brand? Yes, under their brand. we
provide a complete package, i.e. their brand, their page – they can
do what they want with it, we only help them in this. Regarding AnyCast – you offer AnyCast too? AnyCast DNS we have
in the whole world, on every continent, and in Africa also, which is very rare and therefore we are popular. We managed to break through this
continent and put there our AnyCast network. In Africa, in which country, if it’s not a secret?
Tanzania. Because we’ve been checking ping in Africa,
somehow everything is in a circle and somehow not. It’s kinda hard to find a country where everything works perfectly. Oh, I’ve understood, we are also setting up AnyCast. Could you
tell something like the last fail of your company? Everyone is interested how others fail.
For example, the last fail was because of Czech bank, just the other day it has banned all the transactions, online payments for our services, to all non European Union residents and other countries – it was a big fail, which lasted a whole month, it was not our fault
it was the bank’s fault but it is very reflected on our work, on our
customers, and we apologise and bring our apologies to our customers. For bank not
working properly. Yes, but you can’t explain it, so it’s like our fault
that they cannot pay on time. So yes, this is one of the last
fails which we faced and made us a little bit nervous.
We also, were changing legal entity, as we were testing the product for a separate company, and we went to PayPal and were told that no problems should arise, and we get business support, though we come now and the look at as like at dummies:
you do it all, and then we will open all the options to you. But how to start, if we don’t have any options?
Whoh, you’ll start there somehow. And it’s already a month, that we are trying to persuade them that we are the same guys! It’s a month now, and customers have to pay somehow?! Casus! And could you tell about the most successful or Any successful advertising campaign?
If there was any, or the most Successful, what you have done in the company – that is what really blasted and went well. For example, did this or that, or connected CDN and it pulled up,
what exactly have you done that exploded Thing that exploded,
probably was our project, which helped us, as
Czech company to enter Ukrainian market and from Ukraine already to enter neighboring states. Because it was indeed, great progress,
which continues till this day, We are very happy that we got acquainted with
this market, how it works, a little bit naturally differs from
European Union market, but still it is interesting to know how it is there, to get your experience. Thank you, Albina! Thank you!

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