Shaq’s Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches
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Shaq’s Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches

Please welcome the
one and only Shaq! [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Hi. [CHEERING] Hi. Hi. It’s good to see you. Nice to see you. So you– [CHEERING] They didn’t know you were here. This is a surprise to them. Oh, they didn’t know? Yeah, they had no idea. [CHEERING] This is like–
what is this here? This is my Hall of Fame ring
that I had made for myself. Yeah. Are they normally that
big, or you had it made that big for you? You like big things. Yes, I had it made
this big for me. Yeah, it’s like a coaster. I could actually– Try it on. OK. [LAUGHTER] Put a couple of
fingers through there. Wow, that’s a big ring. That’s beautiful. You’re a big guy. And you have a big ring. And you have a big house. Yes. And your house is, like,
really big, though. I would think you
need high ceilings. But do you need it to be as
large as– can we show the– this is from Google
Earth, probably. All right, how many
square feet is that? My house is 76,000 square fee. 76,000 square feet. Yes. In Orlando, Florida. Yep, there it is. [LAUGHTER] All right, so how long have
you lived in that house? Since 1996. Oh, a long time. Yeah, a long time. So did you build it? No. I bought it when it
was 25,000 square feet. And I had a 10-bedroom
guest house built. And I had a four-court
basketball court built. OK, so you just kept adding on. Yes, I just kept adding on. OK, so 76,000 square feet– how much of that do you use? Only two rooms. Two rooms. [LAUGHTER] Two rooms– the kitchen,
because I like to eat, and the bedroom,
because I like to sleep. Right. What about a living room, or
a den, or something like that? No, never go to the theater,
never go to the gym. Really? Yeah. But I mean– and how many
bathrooms do you have? I think 15. OK. You know you’re supposed
to flush the toilet and run the water once a
week so it doesn’t smell with the drains and everything. Do you know– I never knew that. Yep, yeah. [LAUGHTER] Seriously? So that– yes, that
part of the house is not going to smell good
when you ever go there. Yeah, you need to run
water and flush toilets. I never knew that. I always think of that with
people with big houses. It’s like, you’ve got to use
it all, or else it just is– yeah, you got to move out. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, you got to move
out into just a place with a kitchen and a bedroom. You’re right. Yeah, just go to a
hotel or something. No, seriously, I got to
flush all the toilets? Yeah. Oh, I never knew that. Your housekeeper
should know that. Yeah, once a week,
you’re supposed– I don’t have a housekeeper. I clean my own house. Do you really? No, I’m just kidding. [LAUGHTER] I’m just playing. Your housekeeper should
know that, though. OK, yeah. You better ask that
they were doing that. I will, I will. Go check it. All right, so you
have how many kids? Six. Six kids. Yes. And you have rules for them. Yes. What are they? Well, my most famous
rule is, in order to touch any of my cheese, you
have to present me two degrees. You know what that means? No. I don’t know what
any of that means. OK, cheese means money. Money. So their father is
very successful. So as a father, I’m not
going to give them handouts. Right. They have to get a
bachelor’s and master’s. And then I will– [CHEERING] Oh, wow. Two degrees. Yeah, two degrees to
get any of my cheese. So they’re not in the will
unless they get two degrees. Exactly. Good for you. That’s really smart. That’s the only rule? Well, my sons can
date when they’re 18. And my daughters can
date when they’re 24. [LAUGHTER] That’s not fair. Well, you’re right. It’s not fair. But my daughters are much
smarter than my boys. And I want them to
always be focused. And I want them to realize
that, hey, you have to be happy within yourself. You don’t really need
anybody to make you happy. You have to be
happy for yourself. And you can do your own thing. [CHEERING] True. What would happen–
let’s just say, hypothetically, one of your
daughters, at 18 or 19, meets a really great guy. I’m waiting for that. I know. So that’s what I’m saying. So what happens? I’m going to torture them. In what way? Well, you know, first thing
I have to let the guy know is, all the little things
that you think you’re doing, I invented– you know, all the
little sly moves, like you’re going to
the movies, and you start to do stuff like that– I did all that stuff. Uh-huh. So I need to let him know that
I know what he’s thinking. Right. I’d just really,
really torture him. OK, well– Torture him bad. OK, you’ve made
it clear no one’s going to date your daughters. Yes. All right, so I understand–
and I love stories like this, because you had an opportunity
to get in on Starbucks earlier, right? Yes. It was my worst investment ever. So you guys know who
Harold Schultz is? So Harold Schultz is
the owner of Starbucks. So I’m meeting with
him, I want to say. And he says, Shaq,
I want to open up Starbucks in
African-American communities. So me growing up, I’d never
seen black people drink coffee. So I look to the owner
of Starbucks and say, it’s not going to work. Black people don’t drink coffee. So now, every time
I go to Starbucks, I see black people
drinking coffee, I’m like– [LAUGHTER] So yeah, that was my worst– When did this start? Yeah, that was– Wait, but you didn’t
do so bad on Google. What happened with Google? So one time, this was like
when I first got to LA– like ’93, ’94. So I’m in the Four
Seasons Hotel. And I’m playing with
somebody’s kids. And they’re in the meeting. So I’m playing with the
kids at the next table. And the guy– I’m actually babysitting
the guy’s kids while he’s in the meeting. So after the meeting,
he says, you know what? You’re good with kids. I like you. I’m going to bring you
in on this investment. And it was called Google. And he said, in
the future, you’re going to be able to
type on your phone, search engine, this, do
this, boom, boom, boom. You should invest. I invested. And then, a couple years later,
I got a really big return. Yes, you did. Yeah, a really big return. Are you out of it now,
or are you still in it? No, I’m still in it. Good for you. Yeah, I’m still in it. That’s amazing. Wow. See, you just play with kids
sometimes, and it pays off. I know, right? You never know whose
kid– whose parents– All right, so tell
us about the movie. It looks hilarious. And is that New Orleans? It looked like New Orleans. No, we actually shot
that in Atlanta. But before I talk
about the movie, I just want to let
you know that I’ve come a long way since Kazaam. [LAUGHTER] I’ve come a long way, so– I’m much better. OK. The movie is a fun movie. It has a lot of heart. For those who don’t
know Uncle Drew, Uncle Drew is Kyrie Irving. That’s his alter ego. He’s and older gentleman,
never made it to the NBA, but was always a great player. So Uncle Drew has four
or five older teammates– myself, Reggie Miller,
Nate Robinson, Lisa Leslie. And we just go around. And we play against
all these young guys. Reggie Miller is
also in the class. But it’s a very fun movie. It opens June 29. And I think it’s
going to be hilarious. All right. Well, I trust you on that. [CHEERING]


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