Shagging is Hard, a short story about Collegiate Shag
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Shagging is Hard, a short story about Collegiate Shag

all right you guys so if you were here
today I’m going to be reading you a short story this is a nonfiction story
written by myself. This really did happen to me when I was about 15 or 16 years
old and it was published and not your mother’s book on being a stupid kid and
this is relevant because it has to do with shag
the title is shagging is hard the hallway crept… oh there might be some
mistakes is actually hard to read this all out loud without making mistakes… the
hallway carpet leading into the school cafeteria was an emerald green mixed
with puke brown and sky blue. I imagine that without the puke color it
might have been mildly pleasant. I was meeting Sara who had been my best friend
for years, for lunch. My mother had always begged me not to hang out with such a
bad influence. The girl who taught me curse words in
fifth grade and who bragged about watching r-rated movies. She liked to dye
her hair and wear clothes that were undesirably bright. I knew I was
desperately behind in high school knowledge and Sarah was the only one brave enough to explain the dirty jokes and strange words that pass
through the hall daily. My mom didn’t understand all that. We took dance
classes together, swing, balboa, salsa, our first shag class
(another form of swing dancing) it was what we did every day after school in a
semi shady downtown hippy club where we were the youngest participants we had
made college friends there and talked about it regularly we figured it
couldn’t hurt being friends with older guys swing dancing was undeniably our
thing but shag was something new and exciting as it turned out also very hard
I had pretty much fallen over my feet the whole night but one of our college
friends Ray had taken to it quite nicely he had danced like there was nothing to
it when I entered the cafeteria I saw Sarah propped against the side of the
wall and the far end as usual she was picking at her food like a bird and
enjoying laughs with large of the large group of strangers I sat down next to
her scooching her over our shoulder is bumped awkwardly as we
tried to get comfortable on the metal park bench I usually started the
conversations I was talking to but never one to talk during class so when I could
talk I couldn’t contain myself last night was pretty fun
I said Sara didn’t look up a pop – grape in her mouth and gave me a funny face I
thought it was really difficult Sara again said nothing but shrug lightly
everyone seemed to be having a hard time except for Ray oh I didn’t notice Sara
said still not paying attention she was different at school more popular she had
more friends than I could count but for me it was pretty much just her you
didn’t rate was shagging like there was nothing to it it just seems so natural
to him another girl at the table lately coughed and eyed the rest of the people
who were now all paying close attention I couldn’t imagine why you didn’t think
so I asked Sara confused on why she was
eyeing the others as if they were participants in a gameshow I crossed my
arms in front of me ready to defend myself but also intimidated by the on
lock lookers who were suddenly intensely interested well I think he’s great at
shagging Sara lurched forward an uncontrollable laugh her body leaning
into the metal picnic table as her hair lightly graze over her food what
truthfully Sara I lightly smacked her arm he was the only one i shagged with
where it felt right he was really good at it
Sara motioned with her hand as if she were a football coach trying to call a
timeout from the Snickers on the other side of the table I’m certain my face
was turning a soft shade of scarlet but I didn’t know what I had done wrong
Sara had managed to stay stop stop and a gurgle type cough that makes with her
laugh then my nervousness always made me talk more didn’t you shag with him my
tone reflected my irritation and a slight higher volume that brought more
listeners Sara caught one of the onlookers eyes and magic
her laughing stopped Kendall seriously what Sarah leaned over cupping her hands
around her mouth to form a tunnel to my ear
she then whispered and the faint scarlet that my face had become earlier turned a
distasteful color of burning flames I was mortified because according to Sarah
shag meant sex and to high school students it certainly meant sex in all
instances my mind played back through our conversation and it didn’t sound
like innocent dance talk I left the cafeteria following the path
of nasty puke colored carpet listening to the giggles disappear in the
background and that is my story you guys I was a very innocent high school
student and I had no idea what anything meant when it came to anything sexual I
did not know that some people or some people still today that thinks shag
means sex and sorry I’m getting over a cold and if you click on this video
because you thought shagging is hard meant something about sex then you were
really wrong also I want to mention that if you are starting collegiate shag and
you were having a hard time I was there I thought it was really difficult and it
irritated me so much that I just didn’t deal with it until I guess like four or
five years ago and I love it you guys obviously know my channel so that’s my
story that was my intro to shag in like 2005 so I hope you enjoyed it thanks for
sticking around and I will either see you on the dance floor or on Instagram


  • David Yap

    What a cute story. After hearing this, I'm wondering what that other swing dance thing that happened in the jam circle was. Perhaps you'll share that someday?! I grew up in a post-colonial British country, so I learned early on what "shagging" meant in certain circles. Funny. I wish there were Collegiate Shag classes in this area. As it is, I'm happy every time you post tutorials. Please keep shagging!

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