SGC 2019: Interview with Henrik Tjärnström | Kindred Group
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SGC 2019: Interview with Henrik Tjärnström | Kindred Group

There is a general misconception in our
industry that we feed off problem gamblers. Yes, we have some gamblers to play
more than the average gambler, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that
their level of playing is harmful. The purpose of Kindred hosting
this conference is to raise the awareness of the important
topic regarding sustainable gambling and it’s very much about what
we can do as an operator. We are a pioneer in our
industry and we have been that who we will continue to be that
as well a lead by development. But we also know that we need to cooperate
across the stakeholder group that we have. It’s not only about us as operators, it’s about how we can interact with
treatment centres, leading researchers, and applying that into our way of working. And that’s what this conference is all
about – to find the common touch points, ways to improve and also how we can
become more relevant as an industry. We see that there is a
general deterioration of the perception of the industry
across quite a few markets and that is of course very concerning. We know that there is a lot of things
that can be done to improve that and it’s too easy to dismiss our
sector as a non contributor to society. At the same time, we know that there is a lot
of things that we can do better as well and that we will continue to do that. And that’s, for example,
what we have done and shown here today in a lot of different examples. And, for example, one of them being there the partnership we’ve done
together with the Derby County when it comes to men’s
mental health in the UK. My three key takeaways from
today’s conference is that we can work continuously on
an improved trust with our consumers. Also have a better transparency towards
other stakeholders in the sector and in general have an improved
cooperation across the sector with the benefit of better
sustainable gambling.

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