Setup Xbox One Media Player DLNA Server – Stream Directly from Xbox
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Setup Xbox One Media Player DLNA Server – Stream Directly from Xbox

Today Im going to show you how you can access
any videos, music, or picture files that you have stored on your computer that you want
to access through your Xbox One. This is going to allow you view all your files directly
from the Xbox One without even going near your PC. If you havent already set up your
Xbox One on your computer as a device click this link to see a video on how to do that
first. Okay so the first thing we are going to do is make sure that our system is up to
date and has all the newest features. Okay so from this screen we are just going to click
update console. And now since we see no updates available, it means our system is up to date.
So you can back to the home screen and go to the far right which is the store and then
go down to apps. From here we are just going to do a quick search. So Search Apps, and
type in Media, and it should autofill but what we are looking for is media player. Right
now it says Media Player Preview. So click on that. Click on the first one there, and
now click install. So its going to take a couple minutes to install. Im just going to
skip ahead so that you can see what happens when its complete. Okay so the app has finished
downloading and Im just going to open it up here at first its just going to tell you no
devices found. Just wait a second as long as you have followed the steps in the first
video and your computer is on then it will just pop up. Okay so as you can see theres
music, pictures, playlists, and videos. So Im gonna select videos, you can sort by all
videos, my favorite way of navigating through is to click on folders. And then it will give
you my C Drive which is just like my regular hard drive in my computer. My E Drive which
is the external that I have a lot of my videos on. I actually threw a video file on my desktop
so Im just going to click on that desktop folder. And then you can see right there theres
a picture of a coffee and thats actually my video file. So as you can see it plays to
my Xbox without any delays. Alright thats it, thanks for watching if you have any questions
please leave them in the comments below. If you want to see more hit subscribe.


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