Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (Bitnami)
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Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (Bitnami)

Hello everyone, this is joe from and today in this tutorial we’re going to go over how to set up a WordPress website using the Google Cloud Platform for hosting Now this is an especially useful tutorial for you if you have an existing WordPress website that you want to move over to the Google Cloud Platform for hosting OR.. if you are starting a new WordPress website and are looking for a hosting provider Now the first step in this tutorial is to head over to the google cloud platform [typing] that’s “” Click on the console tab in the upper right-hand corner [clicks] Alright – now before you can begin with this tutorial you do need to have a Google Cloud Platform account setting up an account is relatively straightforward however I’m not going to go over those steps in this tutorial so once you have successfully created an account head over to your dashboard on Google Cloud Platform and we’re going to go here in the upper left-hand corner we’re going to go to the “create a project” tab now for project name you can put in whatever you want I’m going to put in “test-1” now notice how Google will come up with a unique project ID for you click create [clicks] I am going to forgo that simply because I have already created a project for this example so once you’ve created your project make sure it’s selected here and we’re going to go to “Cloud Launcher” in order to deploy WordPress [clicks on “Cloud Launcher” link] [scrolls down] now I will scroll down a bit and here you’ll notice the Cloud/CMS solutions the first three here are WordPress I’m going to go with WordPress by Bitnami simply because it’s the most straightforward to use – in my opinion – I’m going to click that then I’m going to click “Launch on Compute Engine” [clicks] alright – now for deployment name you can name it whatever you want in this tutorial I am going to name it “test-1” for “zone” – you can select whichever zone you prefer for “Machine Type” I am going to select the “Micro 0.6GB” simply because it is the cheapest option for disk type I am going to select the “Solid State Drive” simply because they are – on average about 5-10x faster than the “Standard Persistent Disk” and for “Disk Size” in GB I am going to go with the default of 10GB simply because that it the lowest disk size allowed alright – now I am going to scroll down and click “Deploy” [clicks “Deploy”] now this process does take a couple of minutes… for the project do deploy so hold on and be patient… [skip to 5:00 if you don’t want to wait] Alright – now that our WordPress has been deployed we’re going to take note of our “admin user name” which is “user” and our “admin password” which is temporary – and you’re going to want to change it after your first login so I’m going to “copy” that [select text + ctrl c] and im going to click “Login to the Admin Panel” [clicks] [page loading] alright – for “username” enter “user” for “password”, we’re going to “paste” [click + ctrl v] and I’m going to login and there you go – you have just installed WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform now in the next tutorial I am going to go over how to point your domain to your Google Cloud Platform account and I will also show you how to move over and existing WordPress Website to your Google Cloud Platform WordPress installation If you have any questions – feel free to comment in the box below OR… feel free to send me an email Thanks for watching! Visit for more great tutorials


  • Sunday Ukafia

    Hello Joe, I found your video quite interesting. However, I'm particularly interested in how to move an existing WordPress site to a new installation on Google Cloud. can you please do a video on that or simply point me on how to get that done. Thanks man

  • liz

    Great tutorial. Do you know if there is an option to install in a subdir? with the option of multiple wp installs in one vm instance? Thanks!

  • Edgardo Ruotolo

    Hay. how are you?I have some questions to ask you? I was watching the videos you have on your youtube channel. Generate a VM for a multi-site wordpress. The question: I can not preview any of the sites I've created, how can I? In what am I failing?

  • Prem Anandh

    How to access my phpmyadmin page? It's telling ["For security reasons, this URL is only accessible using localhost ( as the hostname."]

  • Manish Jaiswal

    Hi you mentioned that SSD is better than Standard Persistent Disc but you chose Standard Persistent Disc in the video shown however you said SSD are better

  • Ronald Moreno

    Hi Joe, thank you for the video. I'm new in GCP and I have now basically 3 questions, I hope you can help me to clarify (sorry if i have mistakes in my english):

    1. What kind of installation do you recommend: by Bitnami or Click-to-Deploy? or what advantages have in each one?
    2. Choosing 0.6 gb ram and ssd, what would be the maximum visitors limit every day and every month approximately?, if this traffic amount increase fastly and reach the maximum queries on database, GCP will put resources automatically for the site is not down?
    3. Why should I choose GCP instead AWS?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Gonzalo Medel Pereira

    Hi Joe, first of all, thank you very much for you excellent video tutorials. I've learned a lot about Google Cloud thanks to you.
    Now, I have a quick question:
    I've set up a new wordpress site following this tutorial, and then I've setup the domain following your tutorial on that subject. But, I've just realized that the VM has an "ephimeral" IP address… do I need to set it as a "static" IP address? I'm under the impression that an "ephimeral" IP address could change, and if so, wouldn't the change affect my DNS configuration?

  • Europa Networks

    Great Tutorial Joe, there is one thing missing here , i'm still fighting to get it fixed.
    when you stop / start the VM instance, unfortunately Apache doesn't start correctly
    so i have to do it manually by kill the Apache Demon manually and restart it manually

  • One Page Zen

    What did you think of this tutorial?
    If you want to view this tutorial with each command listed step-by-step, check out the version at
    Thanks for watching!

  • lennon shaw

    Hi. I followed your instruction and everything went well but after I deployed the wp and everything load i didnt see the blue button "log into admin panel"

  • sebit a

    hi, really good tutorial, thanks. I used your tutorial to create some sites but im having problems now, apparently something change in the console, now i dont have the site address and admin url in the console (deployment manager), i tried with the ip that have in compute engine vm intance but doest work, any help?, thanks

  • joseph hayden

    Hi I went through your tutorial and everything works fine, however I don't know how to change the password and user name.

  • Zane Delucia

    I know this is a little outside the scope of this video. But when I go to validate my email for my user accounts, it is not sending any emails. So I can't validate an email address. Any suggestions?

  • Motion Animation

    Hello Joe,
    Thank you for making this list of tutorials .Your tutorial are really helpful to set my site on google cloud platform.
    I got following error when I checked my site on for mobile devise check.

    "Refused to display / in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin' "

    I think this is something related with site security. Please let me know what is best solution of this error ?

  • Your Pal, Kiba

    How would I go about connecting a new database to a Google Cloud Platform deployed WordPress site? I have a class project to work on in which I have to build a very simple online video game subscription website, but I don't know how to build a database for it and make tables for it for responsive design. The content of the site does not matter much. It just has to function correctly.

    If possible, I'd like to have your contact information so that maybe you can help me out a bit more.
    Thanks : )

  • Dilip Basnet

    Hey Joe. The video was helpful. I got my free console account. I created a project. I tried to install sugarCRM with bitnami. I was concerned about the charge it says at the bottom-right corner of Estimated cost: 14.20$/month. Will my card be charged with that amount each moth when I install ?? I know that's the sugarcrm community edition and is free, and the console account I got it free for one year. So, why does it show me the estimated cost. Please help. I do not want to be charged. Nowhere in your video, you've talked about the estimated cost, because I tried wordpress as well, and I could also see the same estimated cost thing on the bottom-right of the wordpress launcher page.

  • Jason Fan Club

    how expensive is it? when I go to GCP site it says it costs around 50$ per month which is a lot and too much.

  • MrLongnx

    I'm also moving the website to google cloud follow these steps:
    1 – Setup and Install WordPress
    2 – Transfer an Exact Copy of My WordPress Website
    3 – Transfer WordPress Domain Name to Google Cloud Hosting
    But when I finished step 1, there was a 404 error when I clicked on any of the web links. Can you help me solve the problem?

  • Azhdar Gasimzade

    I have been watched few videos no one mention the WordPress by bitnami is free or not ? in the video it says 5 bucks now it is around 15, no one mention for some reason

  • Chetan Agrawal

    The Cloud Launcher is not visible any more. I guess they have changed the interface. Or i am lost somewhere. Kindly support further.


    Sir can I install add multiple sites on same instance or
    Should I create separate VM for other sites
    How can I access to file manager.
    Please reply

  • xMrMack

    Hi, I've run into a problem. I can't edit my wordpress site URL. I tried editing my wp-config from SFTP FileZilla access but that brought the whole site down and I had to restore the original file. The problem is the "Home" page of the website is directed to the external IP of the vm computer and for obvious security reasons, I don't wish the home page to point it to that IP.

    Any help you can extend on this front will be greatly appreciately.

    I have watched so many videos on your channel and learned so much from it. I have great respect and appreciation for the fact you've shared this knowledge and conveyed it in a fashion that laymen like me with no CCNA or webdev background are on their way to becoming webdevs in their personal right. God Bless!

  • Sunday Ukafia

    Hello, Thanks for the great tutorial.

    I'd like to know between installing WordPress on Google Cloud via Bitnami and Google Click to deploy which you recommend? Are there any advantage or disadvantage to either.

    Thank you.

  • Sophicus Ratio

    Curious why you always choose bitnami? Must be an SSH thing – as a PC user, I found the whole SSH key and operation uber annoying. Why not choose the base option?

  • Ay Youb Es Salhi

    Thank you joe
    But this free for 12 months only ?
    So what for next 1 year ??
    I must pay ??
    Them need my cart bank for sign up and for i pay ???!

  • Saleeth Nisar

    I followed all the steps however, my extranal IP address ends with when I click on the see website. This is creating problems when I am posting my domain to the website. Please help!


    Hi Joe. Thanks for the video.
    Can you please tell me how to access phpmyadmin after the installation?

    And where can I find the WordPress files?

    Please reply soon

  • Nikket Pokharrna

    What nameservers do I add on my domain panel? I could replace the IP Address with domain name, how do I point to the domain to the IP?

  • cute & True Love

    When I try to access the site using the domain name in the address bar, it redirects to its link. I am not sure why that is happening, I have not applied redirection rules in hosting.

    Is that common behavior for a multisite?


    It's wonderful, I was thinking to install WP on Google cloud for some time and always confused how it gonna be work out for me. Your tutorials are clear, easy to understand and the best part is it works all the time. Thank you so much for saving 100s of our working hours.

  • John K Riordan

    Is there a way to get back to the screen which appears during deployment, showing URL, login, Documentation, etc.? Thanks! Love your site and these videos!

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