setting up godaddy hosting

This is Doctor Michael Haley with and this is a quick video. We are going to go
to your GoDaddy I’m assuming that you have already created an account at GoDaddy and have already
purchased uh hosting. Hopefully the delux hosting and you have at
least one domain name. So your at your GoDaddy Log in. and you’ll see you’ll be on the tab, on the “my account” tab.
Well, don’t click on that but instead go all the way over here to where it says “hosting” Now, your’s will look something like this, but chances
are it does not say “manage account”. I actually can not show you how to do this next part because
mine is already set up. If your’s says “set up account” go ahead and
Click on it. You’ll have, oh, I think four things to do. its really really easy. One of them is going to be to choose a domain
name to associate with your uh, hosting account. Alright, it will be your main domain. So if you got
more than one domain it doesn’t really matter which one you choose,
but you know, pick one that you know your gonna keep for a while uh, if it’s going to be an account you might
delete, a domain name you might delete next year, don’t choose that one choose your favorite
domain, the one you know you’re going to stick with. If you have to create user names and passwords, you know, write them down uh what I like to do is have kind
of a system in GoDaddy where it’s all the same user name and password if possible.
Unless it’s something that I’m going to have someone else working on, then I’ll change the
user name and password for that particular web site, but anyway, if yours says set up instead of manage account
click on it set it up answer the questions and then you’ll have
to wait probably a few hours for the for GoDaddy to fix your account. It will say “pending” or something
like that. You might have to wait a few hours before you go on to the next video. That’s it for this video. Go ahead,
complete that, and then move on to the next one. okay. Michael Haley.

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