Setting up CPanel for Web 115
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Setting up CPanel for Web 115

The first assignment
after introducing yourself is going to be setting
up cPanel, setting up an index page, and
uploading it to cPanel. So we’re going go through
all those steps, broken down a little bit. Now, if you have taken Web 105
within the last semester or so, this is a review, or you
don’t even need to watch it. But to get to cPanel, Or if you are at the
school, that might not work. If you’re actually
on campus, you may need to do They point to the same place. And you will log in, using
your first initial, last name. And if you are a
returning student from last fall
through now– I don’t delete things between the
fall and the spring semester– use your old password. If you need to reset,
shoot me an email. If you’re using a
generic password, your password is going to be
JavaScript for the first time. So this is for
the Web 115 class. And I hope I remember
the password. There you go. I avoid too many passwords. All right, so
you’re going to want to make sure that your file
manager is set up correctly. I’m asking everybody,
because you will probably end up taking more
than one class, to set up a folder for Web 115. So you’re going to go
into your public html, and please create a new folder. And please call it Web 115. Now, it’s not a bad idea, if
you’re doing multiple classes, to actually also
put in an index page at this level that would
take you to the classes. I’m not going to go
through how to do that. You should know how
to make an index page and point to the pages in here. But you want to
make sure that you have your Web 115 folder set
up before you upload anything. So that’s your first step.

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